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  1. Docbruw

    Help Sizing Pipe for Cleanable CFC for my build

    I've built this chiller with 12' of 1/2" pipe and it will not even come close to dropping boiling wort to pitching temps in a single pass with 40-50F water.
  2. Docbruw

    Fermentation Chamber Build

    No. Changing the mounting of the compressor was one of the modifications he did to the refrigerator. Post #3
  3. Docbruw

    Docbruw's E-HERMS build (yup another one)

    I had the same thoughts as schelden. I'm an "IT guy" by trade dealing anything from computer hardware trouble shooting to network VPNs. That being said a BCS seemed much more difficult to build and setup. It probably isn't but turning a physical switch or punching a button to set a...
  4. Docbruw

    Docbruw's E-HERMS build (yup another one)

    No just 3 2x4 joists. You can see the line of screws in the 1x6s.
  5. Docbruw

    Docbruw's E-HERMS build (yup another one)

    Small update. Due to another project I'm working on the surge from the manual mode boil would not work. But I also use my boil kettle to heat strike water so I wanted to keep the functionality of the PID. So I added a TRIAC controller. I swapped out a 2-way switch for a 3-way switch to flip...
  6. Docbruw

    HERMS build

    I'm with Jeff.
  7. Docbruw

    Keezer to end all Keezers (in my house) build

    Keezer is looking very nice. Your talk of losing 2 freezers brings up a suggestion. My fermentation freezer stopped cooling so I spent weeks hunting another one down on craigs list. Then my "new" keggerator stopped cooling. I figured it was time for me to learn how to recharge/fix these...
  8. Docbruw

    New digital solid state power relay for boil regulation

    The way it reads to me is it gives a smoother power to the element which gives you a consistent rolling boil unlike a PID where the boil surges as the element is turned on and off. Is that the way the way you read it?
  9. Docbruw

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    Bummer I would need the bigger one. I do mainly 10g batches. I'll be waiting to test the bigger version. Bobby the bling factor on that thing is top notch.
  10. Docbruw

    Prototype Previews: Hopback and Heat Stick

    I'm in for the hopback / filter.
  11. Docbruw

    Electric build in progress

    Lookin' very good. Are you doing a 30 or 50 amp panel? I went 50 "just in case" I wanted to run both kettles at the same time. Glad I did because I have both of them on at the same time every brew day for mash in.
  12. Docbruw

    Control Panel Mount Review?

    The one I got was very close to that and it works great. It does wiggle a little when turning switches but in no way am I concerned that my panel will fall.