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  1. ibrewdou

    o.g. adj. for temperature

    Is the adjustment of a gravity reading for temp. on a mead similar or different than beer ? I believe beer is SUPPOSED to be 60' for an accurate gravity read, but is adjusted for the actual temp at time of reading. My mead is about 73' and the last reading was about 1.008. There is still solid...
  2. ibrewdou

    re-starting suck mead ferm

    hello all, i'm currently working my way out of an apparent stuck mead fermentation, occurring in secondary after 3 months or so. gravity when i racked it into third carboy was 0.030. there had been no action at all for several weeks. temp was 66' or so. it tasted very good but was still sweet...
  3. ibrewdou

    Fish tank air pump aeration?

    `. does anyone use a fish tank air pump to aerate their wort? and how are the results, how long for a 5gal batch etc. cost?
  4. ibrewdou

    poor aeration

    o.k., my kettle wasn't big enough to boil the whole volume on my first a.g. So i slit the boil,:o. I siphoned the first 1/2 into the fermenter and before i could stop myself, i pitched my yest starter.OH-NO!, I've ruined my beer! So I aerated the second half in the pot and then siphoned it in...
  5. ibrewdou

    belgian wit, and then some?

    i did a nrthrn brwr belgian wit w/ a two day starter w/ spin plate and liquid yeast, saaz hopps for the boil, and or added grains of paradise and an end of a lemon along w/ the coriander and bitter orange incl., in the kit. just before flame out i added TWO LBS. of orange blossom honey! neded a...
  6. ibrewdou

    orange blossom honey

    i'm going to do a belgian white(wit), just for fun i want to add orange blossom honey the end of the boil. i have three pounds, any suggestions on how much to add and how any particular amount will affect the flavor etc. of the beer? maybe add half at the end of the boil and half at the transfer...
  7. ibrewdou

    what happens when.....?

    so it was later in the day and i should have waited to brew but i was home and wanted to get it done. so the kit was a strong dark belgian ale w/ an og of 1084. add the candy sugar and the corn sugar at the END of the boil?... ooops! if all else fails read the directions. so i added the candy...
  8. ibrewdou

    dry yeasting????

    does anyone have any exp. with dry yeating a belgian? something about adding more of a different yeast after the first ferm is about 75% complete.? would you have to add something to feed the yeast when you pitch the new yeast? ans, how many times can this be done on the same batch? is this how...
  9. ibrewdou

    corking ommegang syle 750ml bottles?

    :confused: i've got the 750ml belgian (duvel-ommegang) bottles with the large round flared tops that had domed corks in them. i want to re-use them. will the plastic champgne corks work? and if not what is the best cork to use as i cannot find corks like those that were in them originally...