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  1. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Keezer! 2 SS Taps, 2 CO2 tanks, 5x 3 gallon kegs + more $400

    I'm selling my custom keezer as I'm leaving the homebrew hobby until my kids grow up and I have more free time. It's in great working condition, looks pretty good, and is everything you need to start serving carbonated beverages at home. When I stopped brewing beer, I was using this for...
  2. andrhamm

    Massachusetts MA - Grainfather Connect brand new never used + accessories $900

    I recently downsized from a custom 20 gallon electric home brewery due to lack of free time for brewing. I chose the GrainFather system because it is electric and all-in-one. Unfortunately I still don't have enough free time for brew days and I'm now looking to give up home brewing until my kids...
  3. andrhamm

    Massachusetts SSBrewTech Chronical 7 w/ Upgrades and more

    Selling my gently used stainless steel SSBrewTech Chronical 7 fermentor in excellent condition. Upgrades include casters, SS blowoff cane, domed 3" TC lid, CIP spray ball, and a butterfly valve. Also selling some other misc items including a DIY RIMS tube, and a BrewersHardware inline filter...
  4. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Electric Brewery for sale!

    I'm selling my 30 amp TheElectricBrewery control panel, brand new custom stainless Mash Tun w/ Mash Basket, brand new triclamp RIMS tube, ebrew boil kettle, pumps, SS elements, tons of SS fittings, SS quick disconnect hoses, and much much more. I haven't had time to brew since before my daughter...
  5. andrhamm

    Who makes custom kettles with TC port ON BOTTOM?

    I put out requests for quotes to a few homebrew kettle makers asking if they can do custom kettles with a 1.5" TC ferrule welded to the BOTTOM of the kettle. Responses have been slow or not at all, so I'm hoping somebody can point me to a retailer that definitely does this. Basically all the...
  6. andrhamm

    S'mores Imperial Milk Stout recipe critique

    I'm hoping to get some guidance from anybody with experience with this kind of recipe. My goals with this beer are: 1) very chocolatey from malt alone (no actual chocolate additions) 2) little to no roast or coffee flavors 3) graham cracker flavor from malt alone (again, no actual graham...
  7. andrhamm

    Massachusetts Blichmann Therminator

    Selling my Blichmann plate chiller. In great shape, can post pics if interested. $150 shipped, $135 local pickup in Hudson Ma. Could also meet in Boston during work hours. Here's the only recent pic of the chiller that I happened to have on my phone:
  8. andrhamm

    Massachusetts 50 amp 240v spa panel with GFI. adapts 3-prong to 4-prong outlets

    I built this spa panel to use at my old apartment which only had 3-prong 240v dryer outlet with no GFI. I have a TheElectricBrewery panel which requires the 4-prong outlet and GFI for safety. This panel plugs into an existing 3-prong dryer outlet and provides a 4-prong outlet. It is wired based...
  9. andrhamm

    Citrushine for cleaning SS surfaces?

    Has anybody ever used this product for cleaning SS brewing equipment surfaces, specifically the exterior surfaces of kettles, fermentors, and tables? Is it OK if it gets on parts in contact with wort as well? I assume it is marketed more towards cleaning SS kitchen appliances but if it works for...
  10. andrhamm

    Massachusetts 20 Gallon MegaPot/Blichmann eKettles (BK, MT, & HLT w/ Coil)

    I'm downsizing my system and so I'm looking to sell my three 20 gallon kettles. These kettles have been used for fewer than 10 brews. They have nice clean holes (punched not drilled) for ball valves and coil connections as per The Electric Brewery design. I'm not including any of the valve...
  11. andrhamm

    Advice for water profile additions

    I recently got the results back from my Ward Labs Brewer's test kit. I plugged the numbers into Bru'n Water and have been playing around with the Water Additions section with little success. It seems there are no additions I can make without putting some ion into a non-ideal state. It seems I...
  12. andrhamm

    Hudson MA water report

    I brought it up before and was told to read the regional water report but it seemed like I would have to do conversions and make assumptions to come up with the right numbers for brewing water profiles. Or maybe I'm just lazier than most, I don't know. So I sent for a Ward Labs test kit, which...
  13. andrhamm

    Recipe for Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale?

    We had this beer on tap at the office and I'm a huge fan. Having a hard time finding any good leads on a clone recipe for it. Has anybody brewed it before? I mainly do all-grain, but I don't shy away from a good extract recipe. Berkshire Brewing Company Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale...
  14. andrhamm

    Kettle made for 2-burner stove top?

    I've been brewing in my kitchen the last few months (for weather reasons) after only ever brewing outdoors with a large propane burner (blichmann). It got me thinking that a brewing vessel fabricator could make a killing on a SS pot designed to fit across two standard stovetop burners for better...
  15. andrhamm

    Power cord questions (GFCI, etc)

    I have some noob questions about the Kal clone main power cord. The ebook recommends a 4 prong dryer cable but I'm having a hard time finding an inline GFCI that is 10/4. I have plenty of leftover 10/3 cable from my heater cords too and would like to use it to make a 25-ft long main cord (unless...
  16. andrhamm

    kal clone question: fiber vs rubber washers

    Maybe a stupid question but... I couldn't find any rubber washers at the local HD so I picked up a bunch of fiber washers. They are used in the control panel to insulate a few of the components in the control panel. Will these do the trick same as the rubber ones?
  17. andrhamm

    Dead yeast, OK to pitch a different strain now?

    Bought a dud smack pack of Wyeast American Lager 2035... pitched on Sunday night and still no activity... completely still. The wort is fine, as the other half of the batch is in another vessel with White Labs 840 (also American Lager) and those yeasties are absolutely cranking in there...
  18. andrhamm

    Yeast from commercial breweries?

    I've heard stories of people walking into commercial breweries and getting a growler/keg filled with yeast since a commercial size batch of beer yields a metric ****ton of yeast slurry... has anybody else heard of that kind of thing or know if any of the breweries in the greater boston area...
  19. andrhamm

    Any fellow homebrewers in the Medford area?

    Just wondering if there are others in the Medford, MA area interested in homebrewing. I caught the bug a year ago and it has been escalating quickly... Currently waiting for a nice day to play with all my new toys (AG, baby!). Also working on building my Kal clone ( but...
  20. andrhamm

    Should I paint my backplate?

    I'm building a clone of theelectricbrewery and my control panel is plain galvanized steel (i think). The ebook says paint would help prevent short circuits. Should I paint mine? Standard Rustoleum would work I imagine (have some left over). Tha