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  1. rideincircles

    Mold growing on beer corks

    I went to check my beer fridge tonight and noticed mold on some of my beer corks. The bottles are all commercial that I was cellaring. The temperature of the Whirlpool fridge never gets below 65 when its on high, and I think it is due to a totally full fridge not getting airflow or a sensor...
  2. rideincircles

    Orange Zest Melts Plastic

    After making a couple beers that used orange zest, I figured out orange zest melts plastic. I weighed the orange zest using plastic cups and I noticed that the plastic became cloudy and was visibly pitted from the orange zest. (I will see if I can post a picture of them later). What is the...
  3. rideincircles

    Starsan in my mead. Oops.

    So I was making the cherry berry mead recipe in the recipe section, but was having some trouble with the 4184 mead yeast. After 48 hours after pitching it I had no activity. At this point it was 72 hours after making the must and I was beginning to worry about an infection and or mold if it sits...