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  1. IanJ

    Brewery Show: YouTube series and Blog

    Hey everyone, I might as well throw my hat into the ring since I've been a member here for a while now. I run a YouTube show and blog called the Brewery Show, I've been doing it since 2010 with some time off in between, but recently resumed show production again. We put together an...
  2. IanJ

    Leaky Keg Connection Low-Profile Sanke D coupler

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if you could help me narrow down where exactly the leak could be within this, and how to fix it. It was purchased new from Keg Connection. When it's connected to a keg and locked down, you can hear CO2 leaking out from the main column when you touch it or slightly...
  3. IanJ

    FT: East Coast Yeast BugCounty ECY20

    So long story short, I purchased a vial/bottle of ECY20 last month and never had a chance to use it, just don't have the time or space at the moment. It's probably still fresh, has been in my fridge since it arrived. I'm looking to get this to someone who really wants to use it, preferably...
  4. IanJ

    First Lambic - Overnight chill?

    Hey guys, I've been reading up a lot about lambic brewing, have one planned for some point in the next few weeks, but likely won't be able to cool it to pitch the same day - late night after work brewing at the moment :( Considering I don't have a coolship in my apartment and I am not...
  5. IanJ

    The New Yorker's take on Craft beer

    If you haven't seen it yet, the latest New Yorker cover depicts the Brooklyn craft beer scene. It's been somewhat controversial for many folks, who may despise the relationship of being stereotyped as what the New Yorker seems to consider "hipsters." What are you thoughts on the cover and the...
  6. IanJ

    Party Planning: Last minute ideas?

    I haven't been home brewing for long... so I had a question regarding putting a batch together very quickly. A friend invited me to a party in 3 weeks, and he asked if I could brew a batch of beer for it. 3 weeks is probably not long enough from my previous experience, but if I were to take...
  7. IanJ

    Fix My Fail Ale (Recipe help inside)

    I have been discussing this on another forum, and have received some really great help... but was hoping for even more opinions to weigh in. It's a huge learning process for me, and as each person suggests/tells me that something won't work, it leads me to figure out why. I'm still in extract...