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  1. beekgeek

    2021 Gluten Free Homebrew Survey

    Hello fellow GF brewers! We know that this is an active group for GF brewing discussion and that many of you are not Facebook users where the "Zero Tolerance" GF group resides. As one of the group admins there, I thought it would be worth cross-posting here on a survey we've just launched. There...
  2. beekgeek

    Yeast for Merlot Syrah blend

    Long time brewer first time wine maker. Getting 100 lbs of Merlot and Syrah grapes via a friend this weekend and trying to sort out yeast I should use. Looking at Wyeast 4267 (Summation red) or 4946 (Bold red). Any suggestions for this blend? Aussie relatives would like to see a few gallons end...
  3. beekgeek

    Ferulic acid rest with infusion mash

    Got a brew day lined up tomorrow and, per usual, I've decided to add complexity to what could otherwise be a straightforward, relaxing time. But what's the fun in that? (Over)thinking what to do for the mash schedule and want to test out an approach. My plan is to use one wort (52% malt...
  4. beekgeek

    Clean / Sour Split

    Hi all, I've done one sour (10 gallons of Flanders Red, only in carboy for a couple of months), and am now looking at getting another one going. (So, very much a noob in this area). With my brewing setup, I typically brew 10-11 gallons of beer based on one mash and then look at variations...
  5. beekgeek

    Fun mash calc

    Fun if you have a degree in thermodynamics maybe, but I'm having a harder time figuring this one out and wondering if anybody wants to try their hand: I'm brewing a witbier this weekend and will be doing a separate protein rest for flaked wheat, oats and a small portion of pilsner malt. I'd...