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  1. avibayer

    Birthday Tap Handle

    Hello fellow Home brewers, I want to get my friend a custom Tap handle with his Initials in it, for his birthday. I was hoping this wonderful community can give me some suggestions where to look. If i was a better craftsman i would try and make one myself, but most of my DIY projects have...
  2. avibayer

    Noob questions: Chiller and Yeast Nutrient

    Brewing a Brown Ale right now with 1332 northwest. Its an all grain batch. 1) should i add yeast nutrient? i dont have my local water information, but since its an all grain batch, and i dont have many adjuncts, there should be plenty of FAN. Would adding yeast nutrient help/hurt? If it...
  3. avibayer

    A german guy walks into the bar...

    I was hanging out at a bar in NYC waiting for my date to arrive, and enjoying a brooklyn lager. While i'm there, a german fellow comes to the bar to order another round of beers for him and his friends. On tap was brooklyn lager, brooklyn winter, magic hat #9, stela, guiness, and sixpoint sweet...
  4. avibayer

    A few things on my mind...

    I have been having horrible luck with my past few batches. I think sometime in may was the last time i made a batch of beer i loved. One of the main problems i seem to be having is an off flavor, kinda like cardboard/paper/nasty funk. Is this flavor from aldehydes? I ferment in true brew...
  5. avibayer

    10 year plan

    I will be applying to grad school in the fall, and my friend is leaving for med school in august. We have both been home brewing for a little while, and do nothing but talk about the brewpub we will open one day. A friend of ours who is into marketing tried to seduce us into commercial...
  6. avibayer

    corny kegs missing lids

    Just found a scrap yard near me and got a little too excited about the money i could save on builds and brewing projects. I found a big pile of corny kegs, but none of them had lids. It turned out they were $20 bucks (which seemed high to me). Are these a rip off? is there a place to get...
  7. avibayer

    Using Temp to gauge fermentation

    I have been reading "Froth" by mark denney, and in it he talks about the thermodynamics of yeast. Since energy is released during the breakdown of glucose to ethanol, it makes sense that the temperature of the fermenter should go up a little. I have three vessels sitting next to each other...
  8. avibayer

    Curious Frog HomeBrew

  9. avibayer

    Competition Fever

    Submitted some ESB's to HomeBrew Alley 4th annual comp in New York, and now i am hooked. Sadly there are not that many "local" comps anytime soon. Is it crazy to start shipping my beer all over the country?
  10. avibayer

    Overcarbonation and Trub?

    My last two batches have been overcarbonated. Batch one: An ESB that i used 5oz of Muntons kreamyx Batch two: A chocolate stout that i put 2-3 Muntons CarbTabs into. The directions indicate 3 tabs for light carbonation. Batch three: A winter ale i used coopers carbonation drops. (I have...
  11. avibayer

    Off flavors due to over-carbonating?

    I submitted an ESB to a homebrew competition, and the scoresheet said that there was a harsh bitterness aftertaste, possibly due to overcarbonating. how does that happen?
  12. avibayer

    1 gallon containers - plastic buckets or glass carboys?

    I am brewing up a tasty stout that is happily fermenting under my kitchen table. My original plan was to add some hot peppers to the secondary, and make a spicy chocolate stout. This morning i woke up feeling more experimental. I want to divide it into five one gallon batches, and add...
  13. avibayer

    Chocolate Stout, with some peppers

    I brewed up my first stout a few months back, and fell in love with it. the recipe was from stagstout, and it was pretty great ( I have been brewing for a while now and am feeling a bit more ambitious. I was thinkng: 8 lbs mariss...
  14. avibayer

    Want to brew more, but have no room

    I live with my parents still, and want to start brewing more and more, but we dont have the room for any major set ups. when i say we dont have any room, i mean i dont know where i could put a mini-fridge keggerator. right now i the bottling/ lack of kegging ability is slowing me down. I am...
  15. avibayer

    FML # 37- Getting yelled at by customers

    I work at a bookstore. A ****ty bookstore, i'll admit. We are closing in jan in fact. Today a lady with her kids came in. her little toddler started pulling books off the shelves, and running around, while she was on her cell phone. I had been there for eight hours, working hard (for a...
  16. avibayer

    Perfume, Beets, and Pan

    I am currently reading jitterbug perfume by tom robbins, and it is inspiring two big thoughts in my head. the first, is that i want to brew a beer made with beets. I saw wilco this past summer and magic hat had a beet beer that was real tasty. Plus i have been dying to brew my first red...
  17. avibayer

    Where do i go next?

    I think its time to enlist the help of my fellow brewers. I am new to Home brewing, and have done two extract kits (mild brown, IPA), followed by AG batches: "American Amber" from palmer's book, which turned out way darker. Unfortunately i drank most of the batch before it matured enough...
  18. avibayer

    stealing Dogfish head yeast

    does anyone know what kind of yeast is in the dogfish head squal ipa? i washed some, and its in my starter. plan on using it for my next batch. just curious if it has a name other than "that yeast i got from squal". :tank:
  19. avibayer

    My first Recipe - Super Simple Pale Ale

    So, after having brewed a couple beers now, all of which have been way darker than i expected, I want to try and brew something light in color and wonderful in taste. thinking: 8lbs 2 row, 3 lbs 15 crystal, 2 oz cascade, 2 oz centennial. Have some Northwest 1332 yeast i washed from a previous...
  20. avibayer

    Deschutes black butte porter clone

    My apologies to any pre-existing threads. I am not good at searching the forums, and when i entered the above title, found many porters, and some other deschutes clones, but not exactly what i was looking for. Anyway, was wondering if anyone could suggest an AG recipe for a black butte...