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  1. Toecutter

    Any Diabetic homebrewers out there ?

    Just wondering how you deal with it ?
  2. Toecutter

    Going through way to much co2

    Hi team, I keg my beer in cornies, and lately my 5 lb co2 tank has been lasting about 4 weeks or less, which isn't even 10 gallons. I prime from a 15 lb tank I keep them in a keezer prior to transferring to my kegerator. Anyhoo I figure I have a leak. I have tried the normal method of using...
  3. Toecutter

    yeast smells sour- Bad ?

    I have some WL 320 America Hefe Ale yeast in a starter right now. it smells sour. Haven't used this yeast strain before. I'm used to Belgians and I'm well aware of its smell. Does it sound like it may be a bad batch ?
  4. Toecutter

    ever have a batch taste like soap?

    I just popped a keg of my Red ale, and it just doesn't taste right. the best I can describe it is Soap. I'm tempted to dump it anyone had this happen ?
  5. Toecutter

    Irish Red Ale Mudguts American Red Ale

    Grain 16.0 lbs American 2 row 2.0 lbs Vienna 1.0 lbs Melanoidan Malt 1.0lbs Caramel Crystal 80L 1.0lbs Caramel Crystal 120L 1.0 lb Carapils mash in at 152 DG for 60 minutes. fly or batch sparge. Add hops as follows : 1.0 oz Hallertauer 7.1 % IBU for 60 minutes 1.0 oz Hallertauer...
  6. Toecutter

    New Brew Rack-Complete

    So I have been working on this brew rack for several months, little by little and were almost ready. My goal was to bring all my equipment together on a rolling cart that I could move around as necessary. I had been using a plastic rolling tool box with the pump mounted on, but it was would...
  7. Toecutter

    Question about using Oxygen in wort

    Ok, so in my current system I have been using an aquarium pump hooked up to a diffusion stone that threads into a T in the outlet of my Plate Chiller as the wort passes over it into the fermenter Im in the process of revamping my equipment, so I thought I would ditch the aquarium pump and use...
  8. Toecutter

    Is Keg Cowboy still in business ?

    Looks like his website is down, and no one answers the phone
  9. Toecutter

    anyone using dual plate chillers ?

    I have been using a 40 plate AHBS plate chiller for the past couple of years. About the best I can get it to chill down to is 85 DG. I brewed yesterday, and typically I recirculate back to the keggle after a pass through the chiller. I do this until the keggle thermometer reads 95-105 then one...
  10. Toecutter

    Purchased a used chest freezer, Need help to disable electronic control panel

    Ok, so my old 10cuft chest freezer finally conked out, so I searched craigslist and i found the 20 cu ft commercial Kenmore at a really good price, only 4 years old. I use them for storing my full corney kegs prior to putting them in my draft refer. anyhoo, this model has electronic controls...
  11. Toecutter

    Switched to a round cooler mash tun-Good results

    Since I started all grain brewing a few years ago, I have always used a 52 quart rectangular with good results , so I thought. My beers are pretty simple ales and Belgians with about 22 lbs of grain mash at 151-152 DG fly sparge, and I always hit at about 1.052 SG for a 10 gallon batch I...
  12. Toecutter

    Scored a couple of new HD 10 Gallon coolers for $25

    Theres a place in my neighborhood called Water Heater Depot that buys clearance/overstock/returns from Home Depot, Sears, Lowes, K-mart and others, and resells the stuff. Lots of good deals to be had. I have been watching for the coolers for a couple of months, he usually gets lots of the 5...
  13. Toecutter

    How long can you wait to wash your yeast ?

    I kegged a batch of Belgian about a week ago and dumped the yeast cake, WLP 410, into a disinfected Growler. After chilling I dumped all the liquid on top out and left about 1 inch on top, its just beer. the Growlers chilling at about 35 dg. Can I wait a few more days to wash it ?
  14. Toecutter

    Liquid coming out of C02 Lines

    Hi. I use a 15 Lb C02 tank to purge my cornies prior to filling. I keep it in a tmp controlled chest freezer where I store my filled cornies befoer I transfer them to my kegerator. I just kegged 10 gallons of witt and I noticed when I hooked up the C02 to purge the cornies I had liquid coming...
  15. Toecutter

    Best if used by ?

    I have a vial of White Labs WLP001 Pacman yeast in my frige that has a best if used by date of 5/2013. I was going to build it up with a starter to pitch in 10 gallons of some Raging Red Ale. Do you suppose its safe , or should it be discarded after its 'Best if used by date " ?
  16. Toecutter

    Beer Glass Labels-Where to Buy, or make ?

    Its that time of year again. Putting together the christmas list. I have wanted some custom labels for my beer glasses. I have in mind something like a decal you can wet and apply to the glass I have tried to research the internet, I have found places you can buy custom glasses, but I...
  17. Toecutter

    Perlick #40030 $25

    Brand new Perlick low profile keg tap. Bought this a couple years back. never used it $25 + a small amount for shipping
  18. Toecutter

    Received some yeast from my local Microbrewery

    I have a local pizza parlor/microbrewery. I called up the brewer, and he agreed to give me some yeast off of one his tanks. So I went over and he had an IPA in the tank, and filled my 1 gallon growler off the bottom of the tank. He told me it was Chico Ale Yeast. So, I am trying to figure out...
  19. Toecutter

    Finished my rectangular cooler False Bottom

    So i have been wanting to do this for some time. Build a custom False Bottom for my rectangular cooler. I had contemplated having Jaybird fabricate one, but because of some slight warpage to the cooler, it really required some custom,cut and fit. My current set up uses a 52 quart cooler...
  20. Toecutter

    Looking to buy-Best vacuum sealer for the money

    Alright, time to upgrade to a better sealer. I have a cheap one bought several years ago. But it’s a PITA to get the bag under tis little suction gizmo and snap the top down. Half the time it wont suck all the air out, or the bag slips off the gizmo. Got plenty of bag rolls left...