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  1. CB_in_Tokyo

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Well that would be enough to get me active and brewing again! Yes please!
  2. CB_in_Tokyo

    Mistakes in Parenting

    My son and I were playing when he was about 2.5 years old. He was against the wall and I did a somersault (ukemi actually) towards him. As I was in mid roll he launched himself from the wall towards me and as I righted we banged heads so hard I saw stars. I still feel bad about that one to...
  3. CB_in_Tokyo

    Belgian Beer Hangovers?

    I noticed the same thing with Asahi Super Dry. I am not sure what their recipe is, but I stopped drinking it as I would have splitting headaches the next day. Fortunately I didn't feel as if I was giving anything up not drinking Super Dry. A lot of Belgian's let the fermentation temperatures...
  4. CB_in_Tokyo

    Help me get more head

    250 grams of Oats in a 5 gallon batch does wonders for my head retention.
  5. CB_in_Tokyo

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    +20 Gal Gold Medal Lager 10937.5
  6. CB_in_Tokyo


    All my other dogs up until now have been Labs. I think Labs are one of, if not the, best behaved breeds out there. Wonderful animals!
  7. CB_in_Tokyo


    Here is my brew partner. It is starting to get warm and this little dog sheds more than any dog I have ever seen. Taking the furminator to her is like shearing a sheep!
  8. CB_in_Tokyo

    Fermentation Temperature Graph

    I know this isn't exactly what you were looking for, but here is a temp controlled fermentation where I pitched cool and then brought the temps up to 20C. What I find interesting is the big spike in Fridge temp setting between May 5th and 6th. It seem that much less effort is required now to...
  9. CB_in_Tokyo

    Tap water splashed into cooled wort...

    You see what happened when they crossed the stream in Ghostbusters? Seriosuly you will make good beer. Worst case scenario is it gets worse and worse over time; the fix, drink it fast!
  10. CB_in_Tokyo

    What method of beer clearing do you use?

    Gelatin works best when you cold crash. Here is a great write up about including the process and science behind it.
  11. CB_in_Tokyo

    Could I get a sanity check on my starter?

    It depends how often you brew. Sometimes making a starter can be more about yeast health and viability than just about cell counts. To the OP. I live in Japan and have to manage yeast as my options here are quite limited. In my most recent batch I used yeast that was washed and separated like...
  12. CB_in_Tokyo

    Diacetyl - my first partial

    That it still has a ways to go before finishing. No need to worry about diacetyl at this point.:mug:
  13. CB_in_Tokyo

    Diacetyl - my first partial

    Diacetyl is formed during fermentation. It will get cleaned up later. You are fermenting on the cool side (nothing wrong with that!) so it will likely take longer for the diacetyl to get cleaned up. Just make sure you leave it on the yeast if the butter smell lingers after primary fermentation...
  14. CB_in_Tokyo

    Fermentation Temperature Graph

    When you you need the graph by? I have a brewpi setup, but in about a month I could brew up a saison and just let nature run its course with it while logging the temps. Alternatively, and this could be a better alternative, I could do a brew where the chamber is set to specific point (say 18C)...
  15. CB_in_Tokyo

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    +10 of the same Hefe +10 Stout Suzuki 10,103
  16. CB_in_Tokyo

    Pro brewers entering homebrew comps?

    I hear what you are saying, but disagree with the analogy. Not everyone can aspire to be an NBA level Basketball player. The tools there are very much physical. But I believe that anyone making beer at home can achieve beer that can at least rival pro brewers brewing on the same equipment.
  17. CB_in_Tokyo

    Pro brewers entering homebrew comps?

    Because it is the use of commercial equipment that is banned. Having access to equipment that the home brewers do not have access makes for an un level playing field. Just being really good at something should not be cause for being banned at competitions in my opinion.
  18. CB_in_Tokyo

    Home brewing in Japan

    No, I only have 5 gallon Ball locks.
  19. CB_in_Tokyo

    Keg Issues

    Also sometimes the kegs won't seal dry. Get some food grade lubricant and lube the O-rings. You may want to replace the o-rings as well.