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  1. RePete

    Hopping in keg

    Have any of you added hops to a keg after tasting a beer and deciding it needed something extra? Sort of like adding spices to a dish after you taste it? I have a lager I just kegged that is kind of bland. I might let it sit for a while and see if it gets better first.
  2. RePete

    Third year hops.

    These plants are really doing well. The one's that did best last year didn't come back at all. Weird.
  3. RePete

    What size Kegmenter?

    I have all but decided to buy a Kegmenter, and was looking at the 7.6 gallon size. I brew 5 gallon batches now. Then I started thinking about just getting the 13 gallon size, in case I ever want to bump up. It’s only $20 more. I wouldn’t have a need for now. But seeing that you can add the...
  4. RePete

    Ferment in Robobrew?

    I have had a Robobrew V3.1 w/pump for over a year now. Love it, it’s been great. The only issues for me, really, are that it takes a long time to heat the water, and there isn’t a good way to see how much volume I have. There is no sight glass. With the grain pipe in, it’s hard to see how much...