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  1. noefite

    Where there is no homebrew store...

    No income tax, but each city has their own sales tax and property tax. And our current budget just limited our annual PFD to $1000. A substantial cut to our bottom line.
  2. noefite

    PRE ORDER SALE - Keg DRY hop filter from Nor Cal Brewing $35 SHIPPED (US only)

    Ordered. But can I use a promo code for the blow up doll?
  3. noefite

    Product Spotlight: HOPTOPs

    I just received mine last week and put some spent yeast in one jar. I didn't know you had to put water in it, for some reason I thought it was a dry operation. I figured it out immediately though. When will you have a decent review completed?
  4. noefite

    Any Home Brewering Hashers going to Gold Rush?

    I know there must be some serious Hashers here! Why not make it a point to join us on the Oregon Coast for an amazing camp out?
  5. Completely finished

    Completely finished

    Removed the beach glass and installed the MK V with LED lights
  6. Completely finished

    Completely finished

    Removed the beach glass and installed the MK V with LED lights
  7. Rebuild of the Keezer lid

    Rebuild of the Keezer lid

    Removed the beach glass and installed the MK V with LED lights
  8. US Navy Keezer

    US Navy Keezer

    Completed the build of the lid yesterday.
  9. noefite

    Home bar set up how to.

    Go look at the photos of people's kezzers and kegerators. You'll find a lot of great information on how to set your rig up. I learned a lot on my build too. Are you brewing your own beer, or buying kegs?
  10. noefite

    Hash House Harriers

    How many Hashers do we have? Anyone in Oregon going to Gold Rush? What's your home Kennel? Mother Hash? Next travel campout?
  11. noefite

    Where there is no homebrew store...

    As of right now, we aren't paying income tax. The price of oil is so low right now that we may be going to an income or sales tax soon. Property taxes can get you, but there are ways around that, if you don't mind living outside of major towns. Just research the town before you move here.
  12. noefite

    Where there is no homebrew store...

    Try living in Alaska! I have to go in with other home brewers in my area and order supplies by the pallet load. I have 100 pounds of 2 row in my garage now. Shipping rates are outrageous here. Most of the brewing supply stores think we are a foreign country!
  13. noefite

    Seattle to San Diego - best breweries? Other attractions?

    Take the 101 from Portland, OR along the coast. In Coos Bay you can stop at 7 Devil's Brewery. They've really done an amazing job and have given back to the community in a big way. Lots of hiking and sites to see all along the coast as well. When you hit Eureka there are no less than 4...
  14. noefite

    Using Coffee Beans/Cold Extracting

    I added my grounds at the last 15 minutes to an oatmeal stout. I loved it.
  15. noefite

    Yeast Stir Plate - Redesigned to be Smart and Powerful

    I just finished watching your video. I bought the exact same stir plate and I have nothing but problems getting the bar to catch and start stirring! I'm in! Good luck and get me that stir plate quick!!!
  16. noefite

    Why the internet should name all boats.

    "Security, Security, Security.... This is Boaty McBoatface departing inner harbour berth 3 bound for sea. Any concerned traffic can be reached on channel 13 and 16. This is Boaty McBoatface, standing by, out." Yep, sounds super professional....
  17. noefite

    Spruce'n Up Your Brew

    Spruce tips are just now blooming in Alaska! Time to start thinking about that next summer IPA.
  18. noefite

    Product Spotlight: HOPTOPs

    I've put yeast in mason jars before and accidentally closed the lid too much. The results bulged the lid out of shape before spraying beer all over my fridge. I backed this on that one experience alone. I'm just happy it didn't break the glass and end far worse.
  19. noefite

    Free Accessory Giveaway!

    I have two now. I used one for about a year before realizing I needed a second one. Some of the reviews I have seen are people who don't even own one. Take extra time to read the directions and seal all the threads properly. I haven't had any trouble. With that said, it does take a little...