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  1. PsiNyde

    At a GAS STATION near Burlington

    No foolin, folks. A gas station. Whereas most of America won't ever see this stuff, you can get it here while you pump gas and get a coffee (or directions.) Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  2. PsiNyde

    First Conan Use

    I bought some GY054 (Conan) a few weeks ago. I used (6) 1 fl oz vials, and split the yeast up. Taking one of those vials, I stepped it up once with 1qt of 1.040 and 1/4 tsp nutrient. This is what I got after 24 hours on the stir plate. There was evidence of krausen on the inside of the foil...
  3. PsiNyde

    Champaign Yeast

    I made a ginger beer and used red star champaign to ferment. OG was 1.050. After nine days at 68°, gravity only moved to 30. Then on day 12 it was at .014. Day 13 it was .011 and racked to secondary, and it's still going (day 15 today, haven't measured, but tiny bubbles still rising at an...