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  1. StoneArcher

    U.P. Brewers

    Necro-posting, I know. I travel between Green Bay, Esky, Powers and Iron Mountain fairly regularly.
  2. StoneArcher

    Panela instead of sugar.

    Thanks Doc. lol. No doubt Panela is what our white granular sugar is refined from most of the time. A quick wiki will no doubt unearth the connection. Just like beets. But, I don't think most folks are substituting their sugar for beets. Let me rephrase the question: Does anyone use Panela in...
  3. StoneArcher

    Panela instead of sugar.

    Has anyone used panela instead of sugar in their wine? Just curious to see.
  4. StoneArcher

    Ginger vinegar?!

    Interesting. Thanks for following up, this sounds good. Just shooting in the dark; Maybe take a bit and water it down to see if that works. But I would probably use a sanitary water, like bottled spring water, not distilled water.
  5. StoneArcher

    Pumpkin Wine

    I'm loving this thread. You and TexasWine both have me craving a batch of pumpkin wine.
  6. StoneArcher

    Need advice..

    Usually when I accidentally ferment too warm, I get an off smell. Well, actually it's a horrible smell. How's it smelling? If it smells fine and looks fine, I am thinking it should be fine. You didn't have a thermometer on it did you? To get an accurate temp.
  7. StoneArcher

    Bartlett Pear

    I only added 4.5 gallons of water, but I am still surprised at the low yield. The was too much for me to use a mesh bag I think. But I am probably going to strain it soon. I think that I may be able to get another gallon and a half of the settling mush. It's quite perry. So far it tastes...
  8. StoneArcher

    Bartlett Pear

    Started on: 9.27.13 9.5# Grapes - Unknown variety. 106# Cleaned Bartlett Pears. 2/3 c. Acid Blend 14 tsp Pectic Enzyme 2.5 tsp Tannin 1/2 c Yeast Nutrient 4.5 Gallons Water Sugar to 1.09 (In this case I used 20#) 3 cans of frozen white grape juice 3 jugs of white grape juice 3...
  9. StoneArcher

    Pumpkin wine recipies

    AAhh, gotcha! I thought that I got the tea ball idea from you, actually! Yeah, once it's in, it's in. That's why I am so hesitant to oak or any adjunct.
  10. StoneArcher

    Low flocculation

    I hear ya on the topping up. If it was just a few days I would let it slide, but now that I am thinking that it will be a bit to settle, they really need to be topped up. I think that some more vessels are in order here as well. Damn. Or; Rack like I proposed. Then on the six gallon one, add...
  11. StoneArcher

    First Batch. Apfelwein. Intense headache instantly.

    Only having made it a few times, never getting the headache while drinking it. (Next day, yes. Oh yes indeed.) I can only answer your last question. The answer is most certainly. It will get much better. Just remember to decant. There will be some yeast at the bottom from carbing and other...
  12. StoneArcher

    Filtering wine

    I would worry about the aeration. I personally would let it sit longer. But that's just me. What kind of wine, yeast and how long has it been siting? Worst case scenario, some finings.
  13. StoneArcher

    HDPE Carboy

    I ended up with the big yellow job I posted. The kids love the box it came in, lol. I then bought two three gallon and two six gallon PET carboys. It's an online place, but they are local to me. I order then do local pickup. Great prices, since...
  14. StoneArcher

    Low flocculation

    So letting them sit is the best? Aprox time? I am marking the carboys so I can see the levels lower. I suppose once I see them stop it will be good. I transfered in this order: 3 gallon, 6, 3, 6 I wish I would have did the sixes first. Or at least one six then a three. The first 3 gallon is...
  15. StoneArcher

    Pumpkin wine recipies

    What about one of those stainless tea ball deals on a chain? Or are they still too coarse grained?
  16. StoneArcher

    Low flocculation

    So should I just hang out? Let it settle over the next week or so? Do you think that it will settle out anymore? I used Bartlett pears, I know that they are fairly soft. The settlement looks like pear sauce. I even had a guest ask me if I was making applesauce wine. I bet I had about three...
  17. StoneArcher

    Using fruit preserves in mead?

    Oh yeah. I forgot to add the most important part! Let me know what you find out! Lingonberry melomel sounds absolutely amazing. Super pricey: Maybe #2b or #29?:
  18. StoneArcher

    Using fruit preserves in mead?

    I personally think that you will have a hard time if not a bad time with preserves. If not for the actual preservatives in the mix, it would be the pectin. Well, let me back up and ask what kind of preserves are you seeking to use? Like a jam? If so, see my initial response. It would be handy...
  19. StoneArcher

    wanting to try mead

    Thanks! I know some, yes. But not a lot. It's Fatbloke and Arpolis that I have learned so, so much from. Both of them I rank in the top tier of home-meaders.
  20. StoneArcher

    Low flocculation

    I could give it more PE, would that help? I put 14 tsp in a 20 gallon starting batch. I now have about 17 gallons.