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  1. jescholler

    Kegging and Elevation Change

    I'm going to be kegging a beer at 5300 ft. and dispensing it at about 11500 ft (pretty soon after I get to 11500 ft). Does anyone have any tips on how I can figure out what to set the pressure to for carbonating? Should I also use a longer line length for dispensing? Sorry if these are basic...
  2. jescholler

    Differential on Temp Controller

    I'm looking for a temperature controller. Does anyone know of a dual stage on/off controller that supports <1 degree F differential?
  3. jescholler

    2012 Amarillo Pellets

    Just scored some 2012 Amarillo pellets: Get em while they're hot!
  4. jescholler

    WLP007 Flocculating

    I just pitched a starter of WLP007 into a full batch. I let the starter ferment about 24 hours then chilled it for a couple days. I took it out of the fridge at the beginning of my brew day. Before I pitched it, I decanted off the starter beer and used some of my brew wort to swirl the yeast off...
  5. jescholler

    Roasted Barley Suggestions for Stout

    I'll be making a vanilla oatmeal stout and I'm trying to nail down the roasted barley. I know roasted barley can vary greatly based on the "maltster", so I'm just wondering if any has any experience with the following: Weyermann Roasted Barley (375-450L) Hugh Baird Roasted Barley (500-600L)...
  6. jescholler

    Dry Hop Pellets Floating

    Just about anyone who has dry hopped has had this problem. A while back Yooper inspired me to change my process a little bit. Previously I had rocked the fermenter twice a day for the final 4-5 days of...
  7. jescholler

    Wel-Bilt Pump Question

    I just bought this Wel-Bilt pump to recirculate ice water through my immersion chiller: It seems like a silly question, but how how far can I submerge this? It doesn't seem like the strain relief on the cord is water proof...
  8. jescholler

    Name the pest

    Can someone name the pest on my hops. They look like aphids to me, but this is my 1st year, so I'm not sure. Note the leaves are brittle and curled up in the last photos.
  9. jescholler

    Dry Hopping with Bulk Hops

    I bought my hops in 8 ounce bags, and I need 2 ounces for an upcoming dry hop. I already used part of the hops, and I'm wondering if anyone has a good technique for weighing out the dry hops from a bulk package. Do those of you who do that sanitize the container you are weighing in? If so, I...
  10. jescholler

    Anyone widen the gap on their Barley Crusher?

    I just did my 2nd batch with my Barley Crusher. My 1st batch was with it at the 0.039" factory setting (verified with feeler gauges). I got 87% efficiency, which is higher than I would like, so I widened it to 0.044". Then I got 83%. I would like to be closer to 70%, and I'm wondering if anyone...
  11. jescholler

    Help me understand gravity and fermentability of fruit juices

    I just got a cranberry apfelwein into the fermenter. This is only my 2nd apfelwein and I want to better understand the sugar/carb content and how it makes up the fermentability of the juice. The apple juice I used had a sugar content of 26g/cup and a carb content of 29g/cup. I understand that...
  12. jescholler

    Pectic Enzyme with Cranberry Juice?

    I'm planning on doing a variation on Ed's Apfelwein (3 gallon batch) with 2.75 gallons of apple juice and 1/4 gallon of 100% cranberry juice ( I have a couple of questions: 1. Should I use pectic enzyme for the cranberry juice...
  13. jescholler

    Hanna vs Milwaukee or Other

    I'm looking to get a pH meter in the range of $60-$120 and I would like some advice on the manufacturers. I have a couple meters in mind, and the pros and cons are close enough that I may base my decision on the reputation of the manufacturer (reliability, product life, service, etc). Does...
  14. jescholler

    Help with my dilemma

    I'm an AG brewer, and my dad got me 3 Brewer's Best kits for Christmas. While his heart was in the right place, I also got a new grain mill and a pH meter from other family members, so I'd rather brew AG. I figured, not a big deal. I'll just make the kits, and while they're not exactly what I...
  15. jescholler

    Dogfish Head 90/60

    I've tried Dogfish Head 90 and 60 minute IPAs. I absolutely hated the 90 minute, but really liked the 60 minute. I thought that I didn't like the 90 because of a water thing (I'm not a big fan of high sulfate), but I would think the 60 minute would have nearly the same water. At least now I...
  16. jescholler

    Pellicle on Harvested Yeast

    This past Sunday I harvested some yeast from an ESB after 2 weeks of primary fermentation. I just poured the slurry into mason jars. Two days later when I went to decant the beer and top off with boiled cooled water, I noticed a lot of bubbles on top of the beer. It reminded me of pictures I've...
  17. jescholler

    Oxygenation Kit Regulator Help

    I just got my oxygenation kit from AHS: I believe the regulator is pretty common. I understand it takes a bit of experimentation with flow rates and times to get the proper amount of oxygen. Since it's hard to...
  18. jescholler

    Lag Time: What's Better

    This last weekend, I used my rinsed yeast for the first time (Wyeast 1272). I noticed a difference in the amount of time before I see the typical activity, and I'm wondering if there's anything in my process that I should adjust. Here are the details. Normally I use Wyeast Activator packs of...
  19. jescholler

    Help finding source of astringency

    I recently entered an American Brown Ale in a competition and just got the results. The main flaw that the judges noted was an astringency. Here are the comments: "Very dry, resiny finish. Bordering on astringent". "Some astringency". I'd like to know where that came from since that is...
  20. jescholler

    High Altitude, Residual CO2

    I'll be moving to the Boulder area (~5300 ft) and was wondering how to adjust my bottle priming calculations. The amount of CO2 in the beer after fermentation is based on the beer being at equilibrium pressure with the atmosphere. Since there's less pressure at higher elevations, there will be...