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  1. franknbeans

    All Grain Brew Issues

    I had my first one yesterday at a Mexican restaurant with Modelo. Surprising really good, and a nice change from hoppy beers.
  2. franknbeans

    Intertap return springs on standard shanks???

    Ha! That's pretty, crafty.. I like! I use the springs on my three taps as well (with Intertap shanks). I did compare shanks and they all seemed to be about the same besides branding honestly. I got them because Intertap labeled them as only working with their own parts.. didn't know any better...
  3. franknbeans

    Bench Capper Another owner of one of these too. It works well and is very sturdy. I'm actually trying to sell it because I started kegging and just use swing top bottles if I am giving some away... if you're interested? It...
  4. franknbeans

    Mecca Grade Estate Malts

    Ah I see now.. I tried adding 50lbs to the per-lb option and now see the $6.99 flat rate.
  5. franknbeans

    Mecca Grade Estate Malts

    I just saw this, and tried to look at shipping.. $58.92 to ship to Lodi.
  6. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    Ok so I kegged the porter I had in mine last night and broke the valve down. The two sets of orings came in so I tried them both on the trub dump valve shaft. So.. the 1.5mm x 11.5mm are too big and won't work. The 1.5mm x 7mm are very tight, but they work. I now see why you said they are...
  7. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    I had issues with this, and on glass carboys, too. You want to pull the bung back out, and squirt some star-san on it and around the hole in the lid. The grab a clean towel or maybe a sheet of paper towel and wipe off the moisture left around the hole and the bung.. and then squish that thing...
  8. franknbeans


    I'm curious how you connected that loc-line setup on the lid hole? Do you happen to have some pictures?
  9. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    No idea when it happened to mine. There was a power outage here this past Monday night through mid day Tuesday and that's about the last I see on the tracking graph in app. I have a Tilt linked to it and when I open the app for that, it throws a huge error trying to link itself to the GF cloud...
  10. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    Funny you say that.. I was checking mine last night and saw it lost connection in the app too. Shows it's connected on the controller itself.. very weird.
  11. franknbeans

    Whoa , this is interesting.

    Which shop is this? I don't live that far away.. might need to check this out! Also, I think this is what another one in Modesto does too that's called Renegade Brewing Supplies. At the same address there is also a Desert Fox Brew Co.
  12. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    I was going to pull that ball valve apart, but got side tracked yesterday before I started brewing. I pulled the ball valve apart on my Anvil Foundry and thought I had cleaned it the last time... nope. It was nasty. I can only imagine how the conical one looks now. 🤦‍♂️ I ordered both the 1.5 x...
  13. franknbeans

    Grainfather Conical Fermenter Owners Thread

    So I got these about two weeks ago, and all of them seem to be fitting pretty well. I pulled the dump valve apart completely (I never have before, and it was nasty in the shaft). The original oring between the two bushings was broken when I pulled the shaft out. I got to this part of the oring...
  14. franknbeans


    No worries, I got ya! I hadn't seen that on the site before, so thank you for sharing.
  15. franknbeans


    DuoTight Female Flare fitting <--link to the .pdf on MoreBeer
  16. franknbeans


    I'm making a list to convert my keezer gas/beer over to this tubing since I need to replace the draft lines anyway (didn't clean them, didn't know any better... 🤦‍♂️) I thought these were pretty cool setups and remind me of paintball air lines that use the same idea. those quick connects never...
  17. franknbeans

    New Product Giveaway🎁 - Inkbird Brewing Heat Mat

    Would be awesome to try this heat mat!
  18. franknbeans

    Show us your Kegerator

    Don't mind all the junk on top! I made this early this past summer. It's a 7.1 Insignia chesty from Best Buy (I wanted black, but had to drive two hours away to even get this one). The boards are pine I took a torch to and put three coats of grey stain on, followed by about five coats of gloss...
  19. franknbeans

    Recirculate from bottom? Considering this mod for Anvil Foundry....

    I'm making an order too right now. :D I like that it has a spring clamp, so I can use in my other kettle as well.