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  1. biestie

    Phosphoric acid drawbacks?

    I was listening to Dr. Homebrew from 9/17/15. He was giving someone advice on adjusting his ph. In the podcast he stated "... If you have access and training for such things, a little food grade phosphoric is probably more like what the big guys use." The caller said "I'll stick with lactic."...
  2. biestie

    Surly Hell Infected

    I had an interesting surprise in a 4 pack of Surly Hell that I purchased at the Marion, IA Hyvee. The first beer I opened had a really nice Brett character. Actually rather delicious, and I found myself disappointed when the rest tasted like Munich Helles.
  3. biestie

    American IPA Brigade Piron IPA

    Grain 13 lbs Pilsner (2 Row) Belgian 4.0 oz Aromatic Malt 1 lbs Cane (Beet) Sugar Hops 28.00 g Horizon [12.00 %] - Boil 60.0 min 14.00 g Amarillo Gold [8.20 %] - Boil 20.0 min 14.00 g Centennial [9.50 %] - Boil 20.0 min 42.50 g Amarillo Gold [8.20 %] - Boil 10.0...
  4. biestie

    Gordon Strong's Avant Garde Pale Ale

    I was going to brew this tomorrow, the Pale Ale recipe from brewing better beer, but I plug it into beersmith, adjust for my efficiency and volume, and it comes up with a predicted final gravity of 1.008. Gordon's book says it should be 1.012. Can anyone do a sanity check and tell me what I'm...
  5. biestie

    carbing after year in the secondary

    I made the Flanders Red in brewing classic styles about a year ago. I initially pitched us-05, when fermentation subsided, I transferred to secondary and pitched the bugs. Again that was about a year ago. I'm getting ready to bottle it. Will the year old yeast be good enough to prime and...
  6. biestie


    Made an alt today... Forgot to sanitize the carboy before draining the wort into it. Strangly, i'm not the least but worried about it. I've got my money on the 225 billion yeast cells.
  7. biestie

    Sanity check on burner/propane supply

    Before I get flamed with “use the search Luke” posts, I’ll say that I’ve read several (and I mean several) threads on the use of propane to fire various burners in brew sculptures. I think I understand it all, but I’m just looking for a sanity check to make sure ...
  8. biestie

    RIP Love TSS2

    So I'm working in my garage and I'm going to plug in my air compressor. I notice that my TSS2 has the heater turned on so rather than walk ALL the way over to the wall outlet I plug into the heater outlet. The problem... the heater is on relay 2 which is rated for 8 amps. My air compressor...
  9. biestie

    jordy... hubba hubba

    That is all
  10. biestie

    out of us-05

    My wife's making a few loafs of bread in the machine for a Christmas Eve meal, and used my last two packets of US-05 because she forgot to buy bread yeast at the store. Grrrrrrrr
  11. biestie

    stuck fermentation, no really, it is.

    So I searched for this and found thread after thread with people relying on airlock activity only... and the responses appropriately directs them to take hydrometer readings. I, on the other hand brewed the schwarzbier from bcs. The predicted final gravity by the book, and by beersmith is...
  12. biestie

    Can you do a diacetyl rest for too long?

    Title says it all. Here's my scenario: I figured if I'm gonna tie up my freezer at lager fermentation temps, and eventually lagering temps for close to two months, I might as well make two. I didn't really consider the fact that there would be a fair difference in fermentation times between...
  13. biestie

    Lefty Blonde cloudiness

    Quick question... I brewed the lefty blonde from Brewing Classic Styles and kegged it yesterday. The beer was very cloudy. The recipe says to lager for 1 month at 45-50. I'm a little lower than that in the keg. Do you think that will clear it up to the point that it's "generally very clear"...
  14. biestie

    Yeast Nutrient and Salt Additions

    Question, do you consider the affects of adding yeast nutrient to the boil when adjusting water chemistry?
  15. biestie

    yeast starter size vs. batch size

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search and didn't find anything. I'm wondering if I should compensate for a big starter by a slightly smaller batch usize. I've never thought of this before, but I made a beer with a pretty big starter this weekend and after topping up to 5 gallons...
  16. biestie

    Huge yeast cake...

    Greetings, I've never had to post a question here before, since usually I can find the answer by searching threads, but I brewed the "Honey Bee Ale" from Midwest on Friday and it's got the biggest yeast cake in the bottom of the fermentor that I've ever seen (been extract brewing off and on for...