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  1. as_saturn_ascends

    Whats the difference between using wheat BERRIES and wheat MALT?

    hi all! I have seen several recipes for wheat beers and hefes etc. what would be the advantage of using wheat malt instead of unmalted hard red wheat? is there really that much of a difference? can i use wheat berries as 80% of the grain bill or do i need wheat malt? any help...
  2. as_saturn_ascends

    My mash results seem to differ with everyone elses. what am i missing???

    I hear alot of people saying they only use 1 quart of water per lb. of grain and that the grain will absorb about a tenth of the water. My results are way different. the grain always seems to absorb alot more water. I always calculate with 1.5 quarts per lb. of grain and seem to get lower...
  3. as_saturn_ascends

    Confused on OLD WAYS and NEW WAYS. To add or NOT to add YEAST?

    My family comes from what is legally called "the old country" Austria/Italy - It is a long family tradition to brew wine. I frequently brew batches the common "modern" way adding sulfites and yeast, yeast nutrient etc. (mmmm....... killer stuff too) My family about had a heart attack that I...
  4. as_saturn_ascends

    Trouble with dispensing my brew. ALL FOAM! Please help!

    Well, I just got my kegerator all set up. 3 gallon Corny keg. I have spent countless hours scouring forums for solutions and finally thought i would post here. I set my PSI to 40 and shook like crazy for a while. Set it to 30 and left it overnight. then I woke up and noticed I had some...
  5. as_saturn_ascends

    Ending a Cold Crash. Will sediments rise as it warms?

    I am getting ready to end my first Cold Crash with a rather light ale. I will be bottle conditioning and am not worried about having enough yeast. It seems obvious after reading over the forums that a 4 day cold crash would not require additional yeast. I am concerned about taking the...
  6. as_saturn_ascends

    Cold Crashing Without a Fridge or Temp Control

    I have my first batch of blonde ale in the secondary right now. I don't typically worry too much about clarity, but with a blonde ale i thought about attempting a cold crash! Now, can I cold crash using snow/ice in the bathtub for a few days? Will the sudden temperature shock kill yeast...