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  1. jeffencourt

    Beersmith 2 nano-magic equipment profile

    Has anyone come up with an equipment profile for the Sabco Nano-magic? I have the opportunity to begin to use one and would like to create a profile on my beersmith for it. Thanks in advance.
  2. jeffencourt

    Strong Scotch Ale

    Type: All Grain Batch Size (fermenter): 5.50 gal Brewer: Jeff Boil Size: 7.37 gal Asst Brewer: Zac Boil Time: 90 min Equipment: Brew Pot (9 gal) and Igloo Cooler (10 Gal) End of Boil Volume 6.24 gal Brewhouse Efficiency: 70.00 % Final Bottling Volume: 5.50 gal Est Mash Efficiency...
  3. jeffencourt

    Strong Scotch Ale

    10lbs Golden Promise 1lbs Crystal 60L 8oz Aromatic Malt 8oz Melanoiden Malt 3lbs Munich malt 4oz Peated Malt 6oz Cara Aroma 1.5lbs Dark Brown Sugar 1.50oz East kent goldings(90 minutes) .50oz East kent goldings(30minutes) 5.2 Stabilizer .16oz Burton Water Salts Mashing @...
  4. jeffencourt

    Winter Seasonal Beer Holiday Dunkel

    6lbs Wheat 3lbs Pilsner 10oz Rice Hulls 8oz Caravienne 8oz Munich 6oz Chocolate Wheat 4oz Carapils .70oz Hallertauer (60mins) .50oz Saaz (15mins) .10oz Cinnamon Stick (5mins) 1/2lbs Roasted Pecans 3lbs Peach Puree Roast 1/2lbs pecans @ 350 for 20-30mins and place in mash with...
  5. jeffencourt

    Holiday Dunkel-pecans and peaches

    Looking to make a Holiday Dunkel and i want to put in some roasted pecans and peaches. My recipe thus far is as follows 6Lbs Wheat 3Lbs Pilsner 10oz Rice hulls 8oz Caravienne 8oz Munich 6oz Choco Wheat 4oz Carapils .70oz Hallertauer (60mins) .50oz Saaz (15mins) German Wheat...
  6. jeffencourt

    Dry Hopping Question?

    Im wanting to dry hop a lager im about to make and am wondering, once i get the beer into the secondary, should i be lagering and dry hopping at the same time, or should the beer be at room temp for the dry hopping process? any input would be helpful! thanks in advance! :mug:
  7. jeffencourt

    T. McLickin's Vienna

    I'm attempting my first lager and put together this recipe. Any input would be great! Thanks in advance. Grain: 8lbs Munich I(Weyermann) 2lbs Vienna Malt 4oz Carapils 3oz Carafa I Hops: 1oz Tettnang (60mins) .75oz Spalt (45mins) 1oz Hersbrucker (Dry hopped in...