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  1. atoughram

    Fermentrack integration with Brewers Friend??

    Has there been any talk of it? It appears that Brewers Friend can now accept fermentation data tied to a brew session. That would be cool!
  2. atoughram

    Washington Electric Hot Liquor Tank

    $100 - But could be converted to a boil kettle. Got a new hot liquor tank so I dont need this one - it's a "Keggle" with a mix of welded and weldless fittings on it. Two stainless valves with camlock fittings for suction and re-circulation. It has a calibrated sight tube for measuring strike...
  3. atoughram

    Went to Oktoberfest 2017

    Had an amazing time and saw some awesome country! If you can afford to go, it's the biggest kegger in the world! Pictures are from the Paulaner Tent, A road sign near where we stayed in Bavaria - Near Hallertauer, and we almost stopped in Pilsen. Prauge is an awesome place too. Another item...
  4. atoughram

    Ten Barrel - "Out of the Office"

    From their website - 5.6% 28IBU's - Citra Hops and Pilsner yeasties... It was very light - like BCM I'm guessing it's a pretty simple recipe. Here's what I'm thinking. 100% Pilsner Malt - mashed at 150f-152f 20 IBU's of Magnums in the boil (60 minute) 8 IBU's of Citra at 5 minutes...
  5. atoughram

    Washington Seems like a pretty good deal... Nice system - all Spike kettles Just saw this while looking on CL - not my system.
  6. atoughram

    Washington Silver Ford Ranger with a HBT sticker on the back window

    Spotted you on 167 Southbound at around 3:15pm near Sumner - Howdy! I was the charcoal Acura at your six.
  7. atoughram

    Washington Electric Keggle

    Comes with two valves, Brewhardware sight glass, 1.5" Tri Clamp fitting for an element soldered on and a used 5500W ULWD element on a Tri Clamp Fitting that the housing is broken. Does not come with any interior plumbing. Local Pickup only - I wont ship it nor part it out. $150
  8. atoughram

    20 Gal Electric Brew Kettle

    Similarly equipped models from Brewers Hardware and Stout Tanks are priced within a few dollars of each other. I'm leaning towards the Stout at $503 seems like an aweful lot of money though... Any other good options? I'd like a whirlpool...
  9. atoughram

    Helium Beer?
  10. atoughram

    Half Barrel Fred (Ten Barrel Joe inspired)

    I found this recipe on a different site and slightly modified it to fit my brewery and some of the ingredients I already have on hand. All I changed was the kettle hops and yeast brand. I really like "Joe" - any comments on this recipe before I brew it? I know they dont use Magnums in "Joe"...
  11. atoughram

    Washington Sankey Keg False Bottom

    I took this out of my kettle when I changed my process to whirl pooling. Includes the false bottom, stainless washer, and copper tubing. $25.00 + shipping - PayPal accepted. I believe this will fit in a medium flat rate box, so it's $13.45 to anywhere in the US. I can ship...
  12. atoughram

    Beer Stone in a plastic conical...

    I seem to have built up a bit of beer stone in my conical. I've searched threads here and found cleaning beer stone on SS, but not plastic... It appears that Five Star Acid Cleaner #5 works pretty well for beer stone on stainless, but has anyone tried it on plastic? I might try...
  13. atoughram

    Cornies in Oly?

    Anyone bought cornies from this guy??
  14. atoughram

    Clone Request - Black Raven Brewing Co. Trickster IPA

    Has anyone got a recipe for this??
  15. atoughram

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2015?

    My mistake - I didnt search far enough down the page to see the other thread. DO NOT POST ANYMORE ON THIS THREAD
  16. atoughram

    CIP System

    I'm thinking about building a CIP system for my 17gal plastic fermenter. (Getting tired of making 20 gallons of solution and soaking it..) Looking at pumps at Harbor Freight, this one looks pretty good Anyone...
  17. atoughram

    Millet Malt

    OK - I tried it and it wasnt for me... I've got twenty pounds of it (I think)... both in pale and I'd guess 13-17L. Anyone else like to try some? I wont ship it, but I'll give it to you..
  18. atoughram

    Duda Plate Chillers & Starsan

    I was reading over at Duda Diesels forum, looking for information about cleaning with Caustic Soda when I ran into this thread. Looks like its a no-no to store your expensive plate chiller full of Starsan. I went out and flushed mine this morning.
  19. atoughram

    Automatic Hop Dropper

    I've started a new arduino project yesterday when all the parts finally arrived! :ban: It's going to be a hop dropper, the type with a rotating disk with separate tubes which are indexed around, dropping the hops. Since I use pellets it wont be too large. I'm not sure how many pellet...
  20. atoughram

    Banana Pi???

    Banana Pi A bit more expensive but twice the SBC...