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  1. orono

    I built a walk in cooler - on wheels

    I just finished building a walk in cooler on wheels. Outer dimensions are 4' x 8' x 7' (h) including wheels. Inside dimensions are 34" x 82" x 65" (h). It is going to be cooled by a LG 8000 BTU A/C controlled by a CoolBot Pro with wifi. I panelized all the walls, floor and ceiling because I...
  2. orono

    First BIAB yesterday

    Yesterday was my first ever BIAB. I was like a kid on Christmas...I used my new grain mill(3 roller Malt Muncher), new electric system (Wort Hog EBC-130 with 15g BK), and already transferred to my new conical (Spike CF5). I made a Munich Helles and did my calculations off of Brewers Friend...
  3. orono

    Build your dream 5 gallon electric BIAB system....that will be at my house

    I just posted in the conical thread. I mentioned that I was going to put something here similar to "if money was not in the top 5 of your brewing/BIAB concerns, build me your dream 5 gallon electric BIAB system." I figured that since this is the equipment thread that this probably fits well...