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  1. johndan

    Viability of Belgian Sour Mix After Delay in Shipping

    I'm making a sour Belgian blond (sounds like the punchline to a bad, sexist joke) and the primary fermentation is finished and I'm getting ready to transfer it to secondary and add raisins and a vial of WLP655 (Belgian Sour, includes Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus)...
  2. johndan

    Pressure in keg falling off at start

    I kegged into a corny this afternoon and after 15-20 minutes it was clear the lid wasn't sealing because the keg wasn't holding pressure. I started at around 2 psi if that's relevant. After googling some troubleshooting tips, I took off the lid, put it back on without sealing it, and opened up...
  3. johndan

    Grainfather: Time/Effort Saved w/3-Gallon vs 5.5-Gallon Brew?

    I'm considering switching to 3-gallon Grainfather (G30) batches in order to shorten the time and effort on brew days. (I have 3-gallon micro pipework already.) For those that have experience with this, how much time and effort savings can I expect? Job demands are pretty high right now, so I've...
  4. johndan

    Ferment and serve from same keg?

    The last couple of brews I've put into corny kegs directly from the Grainfather and fermented under light pressure (2 lb or so). This time, instead of bending the dip tube I put in a floating dip tube and filter. Should I condition for two weeks (I'm doing a stout) and then serve the beer in the...
  5. johndan

    Pressure Fermentation and American Pale Ales

    I've spent a couple hours chasing down info about pressure fermentation (both here and on the wider web) but wanted to check my interpretation: I'm getting ready to brew a pale ale (a cranberry American IPA from Dick Cantwell's IPA book--recipe here). Fermenting under pressure wouldn't really...
  6. johndan

    How long between end of fermentation and kegging?

    I've adopted the "We don't need no stinkin' secondary fermentation vessel" strategy so I'm letting everything sit in the primary. The Tilt hydrometer says that active fermentation stopped three days ago. I'm going to dry hop an ounce of Cascade in two days or so. So how long do I leave the beer...
  7. johndan

    Adding Yeast Starter to a Grainfather Recipe

    I'm using Grainfather's web app for a recipe but I can't figure out how to add the yeast starter. I can add a yeast but that's about it. Maybe it doesn't matter in the long run--I'm not really that fussy. I didn't do any calculations about how large a starter to make--I just mixed DME and...
  8. johndan

    Yet Another Water Treatment Question

    Apologies because I know if I spent long enough sorting this out, I could probably come up with my own answer, but chemistry class was the low point of my first year of college. Some highlights from a water analysis I had done by Ward: pH: 7.3 Nitrate: 2 Sulfate: 2 Total Hardness CaCO3: 58...
  9. johndan

    How long is fermentation temp a big issue?

    I'm getting back into homebrewing after a long hiatus (25 years) and am struggling with controlling temps during fermentation. My previous home had fairly good climate control and I generally make ales, so keeping the temperatures in the 65 - 70F range wasn't a problem. My current house has...