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  1. Daybis

    Mississippi Roll Call

    So who's from Mississippi?
  2. Daybis

    Leaky Banjo Burner

    I just bought a new banjo burner. I noticed that I am getting a little bit of leaking where manifold attaches to the top of the burner (around the green seal). Flames are coming out of the leak, but they aren't huge, but it seems to be singeing the seal on edges. Is this typical for these...
  3. Daybis

    Regulator not regulating

    I am new to kegging, so maybe I am missing something. I purchased a two keg kit from midwest. I have a single regular that uses a two way splitter. I have only done one batch, the regulator worked just fine. This past weekend I carbonated some soda. I pressurized at 35 psi for two days...
  4. Daybis

    Top of the Hops Beer Fest in Jackson MS

    The Top of the Hops Beer Fest is this afternoon in Jackson MS. My wife and I plan on attending and I was curious if anyone else that frequents this forum plans on attending. So, anyone else going?
  5. Daybis

    Altering Cherry Stout Recipe

    I plan on brewing to brew a Midwest recipe: Nightcap Cherry Stout. I am brewing this for some friends, but they are wanting it to be a little higher in alcohol. I would like to adjust the quantity of the ingredients to achieve a higher SG. The SG is estimated to be about 1.044 and I would like...