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  1. tommyguner03

    Illinois Free bottles St Charles IL

    We are moving in the next few months and I have way to many bottles. Giving away for free. If interested I would like to give all away to one person.
  2. tommyguner03

    stuck fermentation Bavarian Weizen Yeast wlp 351

    i brewed a "oberon clone" on January 1st. mash temp held at 152 for 60min. batch sparge for 10min at 168. starting gravity 1.051 and final gravity is supposed to be at 1.012. i am stuck at 1.020. i have been sitting at 1.020 for a week now. i just moved to a warmer room to bring up the temp...
  3. tommyguner03

    well water brew sit for 6 months (confused)

    ok so i brewed a IPA back in December with my well water. at the time i didnt realize water chemistry was that important. and basically all tasted horrible due to the water. i decided to save one bottle for a test. i let the bottle sit at 66f until two weeks ago when i figured it is time to see...
  4. tommyguner03

    Market Pantry (Target water)

    i purchase bottled water from target since my well water is real bad.. and well i came across a water report from them. i have been brewing for a year and i have made ok beer not great but just ok. could the water that im buying be the issue...
  5. tommyguner03

    Hop shortage!

    do you think this could happen? who would of thought a shortage on hops?. well by reading this article .... everything makes since. maybe?.
  6. tommyguner03

    vanilla porter in competition

    i am going back and forth on either to enter my vanilla porter as 23. specialty beer or under 12B. robust porter. the vanilla note is not to high. i used vanilla bean should i put down vanilla bean or just leave it as vanilla? thanks:mug:
  7. tommyguner03

    well water testing

    i just got off the phone from my local health dept. and they said we test for nitrates and bacteria. would this be a good way to go? should i just go with wards? if i go with my health dept. i have drive 20-30min to get a kit and then drive an other 20 -30min to drop off my sample and spend $35...
  8. tommyguner03

    chip clip (binder clip) in boil

    i noticed that some how my binder clip had gone into the boil. i tried to get it out but failed.. is my 10 gallons going to be undrinkable from this lil binder clip?
  9. tommyguner03

    wyeast smack pack first time

    for some reason i let my LHBS talk me into getting a smack pack. and well i did the shake and located the pocket and well i guess i smack the pack to hard and it the packed opened up.. am i ok with still pitching this in 3 hrs?
  10. tommyguner03

    transporting (moving) homebrew in bottle

    about a month ago i took some homebrews in a bottle to michigan and thought nothing of it.. well when i opened them they could just gush out of the bottle. and the ones at home were fine. about two days ago i moved my mini fridge to the other side of the basement and the same thing happened to...
  11. tommyguner03

    just purchased barley crusher...

    and well im having a hell of a time to get this to go clockwise.. ive tired shaking checked all the screws.. tried two pounds and nothing wouldnt go clockwise. i also tried with drill and hand and both seem to not work.. anyone have any ideas? should i just return it?
  12. tommyguner03

    what would you purchase next?

    I recently purchased this.. [ATTACH] Way out of my budget but this thing is awesome!! 15 gallon blichmann. I am asking you would you purchase (make) wort chiller, mill (barley crusher) or mm2(3).. Or update on my cheap mash tun which works fine?
  13. tommyguner03

    5 gallon turned into 5.5 gallons

    I tried to search for a thread on this and then my internet went out so I'm on the phone app..anyhow.. Im sure I mashed with too much water. My mash was 8 gallons at 152 for 90 min. I did not sparge. And ended up with 5.5 gallons worth and finished at 1.053. The finish should of been 1.060 and 5...
  14. tommyguner03

    use grain bag as screen?

    hello, with my second all grain batch when my mash is over i was wondering if i could just put a grain bag on the outside of the spigot? as i am thinking about this i can see a lot of grain coming threw the spigot? since i do not have a big enough colander and dont feel like spending more money...
  15. tommyguner03

    homebrew goes fast!

    so i have been brewing gluten free beer and regular beer ( partial mash/ all grain) for a couple months and i have falling in love ( yes love) with the hobby. my main point is have you noticed how fast your homebrew goes? i went down today and checked on my porter and gluten free dark ale and...
  16. tommyguner03

    ok for blow off tube?

    Ok I wake up this morning and lucky I checked cause this was seconds from blowing off when I had a air lock in. I just thought fast and grabbed my bottle siphon tube and jammed it in.. It seems to be working fine.. I must be second guessing myself
  17. tommyguner03

    brew day from hell

    can it get any worse?? first i realize oh crap i didnt put grains in first before water with lautern tun (zap pap) so i had to think fast and grab an other bucket although it doesnt have a spigot! any ideas on how to get water out? lol (this guy is screwed).. then i break my hydrometer! its only...
  18. tommyguner03

    first GF IPA ALL Grain

    here is what i am thinking .. 60min boil mash 45-60min .. 156F 3LB Buckwheat roasted (light) 3LB Quinoa roasted (light) 3LB Millet roasted (light) 2LBS Roasted oats (light) Hops. I really miss my super up front hop beers so bare with me on my hops 1oz Amarillo 60min 1oz...
  19. tommyguner03

    high abv.. GF "Barley"

    so i am sitting here thinking of how much i enjoyed drinking barley wines when i was not gluten free. and i came up with an extract GF "Barley wine"... 3 Gallon batch 45min boil 5LB 3oz Sorghum syrup (used 1LB for another 3 gallon batch) 1LB 5oz brown rice syrup 8oz molasses 4oz honey...
  20. tommyguner03

    no ring when bottling

    i recently switched cappers with a friend. i had the black and he gave me the red. the black capper was hard to use and gave all circles on the bottle caps. with the red capper every other would have a circle. before i started the bottling i went to my LHBS and told them my issue with the...