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  1. Jwin

    Pale ale with wlp002?

    This but don't let it get to cold before it is done. It drops like a rock and you will never get it roused. Turns into a gelatinous blob unlike any yeast I've ever used. But makes a damn good beer. If you ever use it for a big beer, pitch big. Once it falls out, it's all fat lady.
  2. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Hey! Been a while. I'll add in my quarterly comment. I have been doing some other culinary experiments that led me down the road of trying different materials as my stretching lubricant material, for lack of better terms. I had Amazon ng results with a (eyeball) blend of 1/3 corn meal, 1/4...
  3. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Had their pie once and paid as much attention to the kitchen as I could while there. They use sheeters to thin out what looks to be a pretty dry dough. Very pastry like. In all honesty, the closest I have gotten in my handful of attempts is as follows: Preheat oven pretty low(325-375ish, can't...
  4. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Been a while but I'm still slinging... I've been experimenting with some light dme mixed with my flour/cornmeal mix I use to stretch with. It's early but promising results with browning. I think at this scale, I need more dme than I was initially comfortable with. DME in the dough doesn't seem...
  5. Jwin

    When you forget about a bad batch for 2 years.

    Atlanta is several hours away. Would have to ship it. USPS Worker: Does this contain alcohol, other dangerous substance, is it flammable or is it alive? Me:Yes, yes, most likely and most definitely.
  6. Jwin

    When you forget about a bad batch for 2 years.

    Tried this. Got d*ck stuck in ceiling fan.
  7. Jwin

    When you forget about a bad batch for 2 years.

    Like cottage cheese and acetone. Very Belgiany. IIRC this was a Belgian pale.
  8. Jwin

    When you forget about a bad batch for 2 years.

    Ok, so I didn't forget, I just didn't get to throwing it out. Also, it was my first bucket batch in a few years and I'm pretty sure lacto from grain got in it. Then pedio. The my basement biodome collapsed upon itself as it dehydrated/off gassed from 5g of second runnings to a syrup of 2 qts or...
  9. Jwin

    Monk Fruit / Lo Han Guo for backsweetening

    Necro Dogfish is releasing a 95 calorie IPA that uses monk fruit extract. In an interview Sam stated something about an enzyme blend to ferment it. May be worth a shot to hit it with some amylase and see what happens. Or Beano.
  10. Jwin

    Isolated Yeast (Tree House): How to Identify and Characterize?

    I haven't had any in a while, but some of the Twitter posts look like starters. Maybe a change in process to speed things up/pay the bills... IDK, pure speculation.
  11. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Common method for pretzels (big uns) is a baking soda wash before bake I'm sure similar bicarbonates would have similar, if not more drastic, effect. Wouldn't mix it in though. pH has way more to do with crust/color on exterior. Using baking soda plus yeast in dough probably Fs up the...
  12. Jwin

    Good basic IPA Grain bill needed

    100% barley variety @152 Adjust from there No, but seriously. That's the glory of homebrew. Do what you like. doing all American 2 row. Doing all Munich. Doing all Vienna. Do a mix of all three like Yoopers pale ale recipe. And in the end do what you like. Single malt is a definite place to...
  13. Jwin

    Motorized Grain Mills: Time to show them off!

    Just guessing... Mechanical engineer?
  14. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    That's it. I found that having a 600° stone, then cranking up the burner(by which I mean 17-20% total) after loading gave the last all around bake. The 750 bake didn't work out. Maybe could go that hit with a super thin crust and light toppings. I'm sure the same could be accomplished on a gas...
  15. Jwin

    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    I'm back!!!! Pilot run of my new(used)Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto on my Blichmann burner The first pizza baked at 750 charred the bottom and under baked the top. Over the course of four pizzas, I think I learned the oven pretty well. The last za, the one with pepperoni, didn't need to be...
  16. Jwin

    Speise! Never again

    Sounds like you french fried when you should have pizza'd.
  17. Jwin

    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    I'm planning on kinda doing this. Since this beer is carbonated at a lower volume, adding a bit to much priming sugar won't hurt anything. I don't remember exactly but I think the target volume is 2.3 so if you ended up at 2.6 or so it would not be that big of a difference. Just pour a little...
  18. Jwin

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    An idea with regards to stability: With no boil taking place, the dissolved oxygen in the wort is not being driven off at all, potentially leading to advanced staling and oxidation. Maybe brewtan B could help?
  19. Jwin

    Raw Ale / No Boil

    I know the whole point is not boiling but. .. Boil a spare SS nut and put it in the bag and tie it tight. You can also use sanitized(and new) nylon stockings. Just cut the leg off, put the hops and nut in and tie it in a knot. No need to clean a bag later on. Just retrieve your nut and throw...
  20. Jwin

    Spicy beer troubleshooting

    "burn in the back of the throat" on a sample would make me suspect "hop burn", at a glance. Not fusels. There's still a lot of debate about the chemistry of dryhopping. Not diving down that rabbithole tonight... I'd encourage the OP to relax and move on as normal.