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  1. Birrofilo

    Bad experience with a Fermentemp

    At the beginning of my homebrewing hobby I bought a Fermentemp. It's a home brew heated tray with a resistence inside rated 50W 24V. Later on I discovered much cheaper and equally effective alternatives, I paid this object €179,00 in December 2017. I am talking about this object:
  2. Birrofilo

    The strange case of the disappeared under-modified malt

    A recent thread draw my attention on the fact that under-modified malt, or malt with the lower value of Kolbach Index is less than 35, is extremely difficult if not impossible to find. In fact, I went around in various sites, including Czech malters, and found no base malt, for which the...
  3. Birrofilo

    Attempts at a DIY aphrometer

    In my brewing practice I always try to use an aphrometer when I bottle. An aphrometer is a tap with a pressure gauge on it, which shows the internal pressure of the beer. This instrument is useful for: - checking that carbonation has actually started; - seeing that carbonation has ended and the...
  4. Birrofilo

    Buying suitable and already diluted phosphoric acid

    While discussing rinsing of sanitization agents in another thread, it was bought to my attention by user @bu_gee that Star San and Saniclean are principally made of phosphoric acid, which is also used in brewing as an acidifying agent. I don't know exactly about Star San, which probably...
  5. Birrofilo

    Making proper candy sugar without risking my pHmeter head

    A fatal attraction leads me toward Belgian Dubbel (and Belgian strong ales in general), and fighting it is like fighting gravity, it just won't work. I will have to make candi sugar at home. I understand the method is, in summary and in principle, easy: First invert sugar: sucrose, water, acid...
  6. Birrofilo

    Paper filter for use with refractometer

    Hallo, I am new here and this is my first post, so I would like first to express my pleasure in being part of this very knowledgeable community. And now let me come to the question: I have a stupid problem which I cannot solve. Any time I take a measure of a beer sample with the refractometer...