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  1. mchrispen

    Looking for my Bru'n Water Walkthroughs?

    Apologies for those that have previously book marked the walkthroughs I did on Brungard's Bru'n Water free and subscriber edition spreadsheets. I recently rebuilt my Wordpress site and the links have changed. If you are not aware, there are significant feature differences between subscriber...
  2. mchrispen

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    The scoresheets were mailed out early this week. The organizer had work get in the way a bit so things were delayed a few days.
  3. mchrispen

    Demonstration of alkalinity and tannin extraction TL:DR - Visual and measurable differences shown in tea and wort, manipulating mash alkalinity. Isolated mineralization by using pure RO and RO with just lactic to hit 5.4. Also - an accidental over acidification returned an unexpected result with a very...
  4. mchrispen

    How do I reduce Chloride

  5. mchrispen

    HomebrewSupply Recipe Giveaway

    Saq's The Pious Westvleteren 12 Style Quad Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit please!
  6. mchrispen

    can't figure out why mash PH is so low...

    Make sure that you replicate your water to grist ratio... that eliminates variations from water. Also - you don't mention what probe. I have seen a lot of value pH meters on sale lately and targeted to homebrewers. If you do a search here for pH meters, you will find some guidance on criteria...
  7. mchrispen

    Just got my Sept/October Zymurgy

    To be fair, you and Janis are about the same size... I wonder where those horns ended up... they didn't make it back with me. Yeah for cheap plastic! Mark won his second Ninkasi and it was cool to see him and @AZ_IPA congratulate each other. Must be the @Soper bump.
  8. mchrispen

    Mash PH Too Low With Straight RO Water

    @ajdelange - have been looking at this,, and wondering if there is a documented and standardized congress-like mash for measuring extract from a given mill setup. This would potentially give me extract and DI pH values that match my system. Why...
  9. mchrispen

    Mash PH Too Low With Straight RO Water

    I can do that AJ... planning another 100% batch soon, this time twisted toward a Belgian Strong. Is that 100 g in 0.5 L distilled? That was the volume I used last time. I am still trying to figure out what the blend is here. Seems to be Munich, CaraRed and perhaps some CaraMunich? Really...
  10. mchrispen

    Mash PH Too Low With Straight RO Water

    100% RedX mash with RO water should come in around 5.3 pH without adjustment, at 1.5 qt/pound. My DI test mash before I brewed put it right at 5.29 pH. I used the DI to calibrate to the 15L rating, as that is the only mechanism to adjust malt acidity (as far as I know) in Bru'n Water. There is...
  11. mchrispen

    Mash PH Too Low With Straight RO Water

    I get good results with RedX closer to 15L in Bru'n Water.
  12. mchrispen

    Bru'n water with Brew Easy

    Yeah, that makes sense. Set BWS to 0 sparge water volume. Even if the water is in two vessels, the circulation will blend the ion content. I would add it when the liquor is cold and then heat it up.
  13. mchrispen

    Need help reading a Ward Labs Report for Northern KY

    A good overview can be found here: That's fairly good water with manageable alkalinity. You will need to use a small amount of lactic or phosphoric acid for most of your recipes to get close to 5.4. Small amounts of Aciduated malt will...
  14. mchrispen

    Some simple considerations for your recipes...

    Some of this is self evident, but worth repeating.
  15. mchrispen

    How to lower the PH of wort to 4.5 Pre-Fermentation

    Your estimate is for mash pH and doesn't account for the pH drop in the boil. Assuming a 60 minute boil, your final boil pH should be somewhere in the range of 5.1. You could account for that drop, and use EZWater to estimate the lactic acid addition to 4.5. So if we assume your actual wort pH...