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  1. friarsmith

    Long Single vs Shorter Double Decoction

    I'm planning a Munich Helles brewday and debating the merits of a longer single decoction with 30% or so of thick grist vs two shorter/smaller decoctions. Grist is 96/2/2 - BestMalz Pils/Carapils/Acidulated. I haven't found a lot on the interwebs specific to my question. My usual rest...
  2. friarsmith

    Join the HOPS Parade! (Pics)

    Removed trellis 2 of 12 this afternoon. Mature Columbus. Filled two 6 gallon buckets before transferring to drying frames. Two hrs to pick. The trellis is made from two bolted & overlapping 7' U-Posts and a 4' U post for the top. Two strands of heavy twine are pulled taut from the top to...