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  1. peoples22

    For Sale Spike+ 10g Mash Tun

    Selling Spike+ 10 gallon Mash tun. Includes below items: (2) Butterfly valves False bottom pickup tube shorty tube triclamp tee triclamp RTD temp probe All gaskets and clamps to attached above items **UPDATE: Including Blichmann Auto Sparge arm and BrewHardware 1.5" TC friction fit x 1/2"...
  2. peoples22

    For Sale SSBrewtech 7 Gal BME Bucket

    Parting ways with my SSBT bucket. 7gallon BME comes with an extra temp probe and batteries along with 90 blow off fitting. Willing to ship within continental US. Asking $175
  3. peoples22

    Jaded Brewing Electric Chair

    Selling below Jaded electric chair with following dimensions - Overall Height: 20" Height to clear element: 4.5" Diameter: 17.5" $40 shipped to you.
  4. peoples22

    15 gal Brew Boss Complete System For Sale

    I'm downsizing my brewery and need to sell this system. Below link to the Brew Boss website explains components of the system in greater detail but please note this is not a V2 controller. I'm willing to ship at buyer's expense...
  5. peoples22

    WLP007: Horrible taste?

    I brewed an IPA and used WLP007 for the first time and as soon as I was kegging it I knew I wasn't a fan. The beer smelled "yeasty" and it tastes exactly like it smells. It's a dumper for sure! Anyone else have any experience with this yeast?
  6. peoples22

    Alabama SS Brewtech 7 gal BME Chronical + FTSs

    Selling my 7 gal Chronical BME setup which includes below accessories - - FTSs system (BME version) - Leg extensions - Shelf - 7.5" sight glass Only used for 3 batches, everything in perfect condition. Asking $650 for it all. I'm in Auburn and would be willing to meet depending on...