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  1. Moose777

    Beer Judges Needed - Ventura CA

    Hello fellow home brewers and Zymurgists. Are you near Ventura California? Are you available Saturday September 21st? Are you somewhat familiar with style guidelines of the BJCP? Do you enjoy craft beer and want to be a part of a judging panel? If you answered YES to all of these...
  2. Moose777

    Karl Strauss Wreck Alley Imperial Stout

    I was one of 5 judges who awarded this beer the Gold medal at the 2012 California Beer Festival in Ventura. It was AMAZING. I emailed the brewery and was pleasantly surprised to get a response with the recipe for this fine Imperial Stout. 70% 2row 4.5% C60 4.5% C80 2.5% Chocolate malt...
  3. Moose777

    It's a Wednesday night brew night

    Got a Denny's Favorite yeast starter...heating the strike water and hope to be all wrapped up, picthing to fermenter before 11:30 This is YoopperBrew's Hoppy Amber recipe...looking froward to it.
  4. Moose777

    Is this batch infected?
  5. Moose777

    Is this batch infected?

    Brew day was 4-19, 1056 yeast. My prior 2 batches had infections so I took extra care to clean and sanitize everything. The white foam on the top looks a little funny to me n seems to be getting larger..this is 7 days after high krausen. I'm getting a bubble every minute or so through the air...
  6. Moose777

    Finally in the Ground

    Finally set up the irrigation and got the soil right, I just hope the Rhizomes are still viable..I had em in the fridge for a month. From closest to farthest Centennial Centennial Cascade Cascade Cascade Chinook Chinook
  7. Moose777

    What's the most brew days you've had in a month?

    I was just counting and I think I've brewed 6 different days - (five gallon batches) since the first of January... plan on doing another brew day next week so that'll be 7 brew days in 2 months.. What's the most brew days you've had in a month or two?
  8. Moose777

    Damn...I'm down to two kits

    I only have cream and blonde ale kits waiting..hurry up BMW and get here with the Boddingtons New Castle clone kits I ordered... Rant off
  9. Moose777

    March Pump stand

    Used my new March Pump last brew day along with the quick disconnects and while it worked pretty well I was getting pissed off fumbling around with it so after a little, not a lot, of thought I decided to convert my old KTM motorcyle stand .... it also makes a handy way to keep my hoses...
  10. Moose777

    Creamy Cascase Moose Ale

    Cream Ale Cream Ale Type: All Grain Date: 8/27/2009 Batch Size: 5.00 gal Brewer: Boil Size: 6.72 gal Asst Brewer: Boil Time: 60 min Equipment: Pat's Brewery Taste Rating(out of 50): 35.0 Brewhouse Efficiency: 88.00 Taste Notes: Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 7.00 lb Pale Malt (2...
  11. Moose777

    Okay who here uses a Hop Back

    I am considering using a hop back for added aroma as well as filtering before the plate chiller. I'm wondering who here uses them? Did you DIY or buy it Any images would be great,
  12. Moose777

    What is you "Deserted Island" home brew

    We see threads like this frequently on my cigar BB (HerfersParadise) and I thought it would be interesting see it hear at HomeBrewTalk. Okay so the situation is that you are marooned on a deserted island the rest of your life. Let assume for arguments sake there's enough on the island to...
  13. Moose777

    Quick Disconnects for Shirron Plate Chiller

    I tried finding the right parts at McMaster but couldn't. I want to outfit my new Shirron chiller with quick disconnects. Basically I'll have 1/2" high temp silicon tubing connected to McMaster item 6739K68. I am looking ofr the female quick disconnect that will thread onto the Shirron...
  14. Moose777

    3 Weeks and still bubbling

    Brewed a winter warmer ale recipe from Northern Brewer on October 10th. Put a blow off tube on it and after 3 weeks I still hear it giving off a bubble ever minute or two..amazing.
  15. Moose777

    Yeast starter spilled...Question

    I had a beautiful large Scottish yeast started all set, right when I'm ready to pitch it into my Winter Warmer Scottish Ale I dropped and broke it. errrr. I had two extra Wyeast smack packs which I smacked and pitched right away before letting them swell. This was 24 hours ago..I have no signs...
  16. Moose777

    12" False Bottom for my 10 Gallon MLT

    I have a 10 gallon rubbermaid cooler & I currently use a ssteel braid. I just bought a 12" false bottom for it as I'm getting soem stuck sparges. Anyhoo, after I clicked the buy button to confirm the order I was wondering if the false bottom requires a pump or can I just continue bacth...
  17. Moose777

    Keg Connection

    I've placed a few orders through with great results but the most recent one they never shipped. I called and they somehow lost the order. I just received it and it's missing the main part of the order..the C02 tank and an incorrect air distributor. Has anyone else had order mix...
  18. Moose777

    Stone Brewing Special on The Wealth Channel

    I'm watching a show called "Behind the Brand" on The Wealth Channel about Stone Brewing. Very interesting look behind the brewery, its founders and philosophy.
  19. Moose777

    Faucets leaking where shank connects to hose

    duplicate deleted
  20. Moose777

    Faucets leaking where shank connects to hose

    EDIT...THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE PARTS FROM AUSTIN HOME BREW. I just finished my keezer but am disappointed that all of my shanks are leaking. I tried varying degrees of tightening but they are all dripping. here's what I have; Shanks: Austin Homebrew Supply Connectors; Austin Homebrew...