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  1. jerbrew


    Almost had me for a second. Thought I'd share.
  2. jerbrew

    FOTHB IV: Trying to Catch Me Brewin' Dirty

    Hello All, I'm a day late in starting this but here it goes. I stole most of this from the FOTHB III post #1, I'm not one to do excessive amounts of work. Welcome to the fourth Fellowship of the Home Brew trade thread!! This thread is all about sharing home brew with one another. I love my...
  3. jerbrew

    Calling on Coloradans

    Flying into Denver tonight for work and landing around midnight. I have to drive to Longmont and would love to grab some food and taste some great local beer on my way. Any advice on what would be a good choice? Not too far out of the way and open late? Doesn't have to be a brewery I guess a...
  4. jerbrew

    FT: Pliny

    So I got a couple of bottles of pliny from the brewery i'm willing to part with since it's distribution is so limited (bottled 8/2). I can also get San Diego beer and some LA stuff to make this a nice exchange if desired. ISO: All them Ne breweries I can't get out here (Hill Farmstead...
  5. jerbrew

    Anyone going to order one or some of these?

    Saw the ad for these in Zymurgy A couple of them looked intersting but this page says there needs to be 250+ orders before they'll release a strain. Just curious if anyone has ordered or plan to order any.