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  1. whatsleftofyou

    Sweet stout with pink peppercorns

    I know this sounds like a strange one, but there's a reason for it. Every year one of the clubs I'm in has a "crazy stout" competition. It's not judged to BJCP guidelines, but more like a chili cookoff. I've had some outstanding beers when judging this, as well as some that are great ideas...
  2. whatsleftofyou

    U.P. Brewery Book

    I'm in the very early stages of working with Jesse from Things to do in the U.P. on a book about all of the current breweries in the U.P. We have a lot of neat ideas, but also want some input from the beer community: What kind of things would you like to see in a book like this? It's mostly...
  3. whatsleftofyou

    U.P. Craft Beer Week

    This year the U.P. is celebrating its inaugural U.P. Craft Beer Week, leading up to the Michigan Brewers Guild's Fall Fest in Marquette on 9/8. There are some cool events going on that week if you'll be up for the MBG Fest anyway. There's a full calendar available at
  4. whatsleftofyou

    Whoops, froze all of my kegs!

    I just had to share this... So last night I went to pull a pint of the American Pale Ale I kegged last weekend, and only a trickle came out. At first I feared that there was a leak and that I had 5g of APA sitting in the bottom of my keezer. I opened it up to look quick and that wasn't the...
  5. whatsleftofyou

    Beer Week planning

    Has anyone here been involved in planning any of the Beer Weeks across the country? I'm working on a project and have a few quick questions. I'm not looking for handholding or someone to help plan the event, just need to know a little bit about the "back end" of things. Please shoot me a PM...
  6. whatsleftofyou

    20# CO2 tanks - what to do with them?

    I have a bit of an odd predicament: Awhile back I had 3 20lb CO2 tanks given to me by my mom's church, since after repeated calls to the soda distributor they still hadn't picked them up. They had been sitting there for a few years, so I didn't feel bad taking them (along with 7 ball lock...
  7. whatsleftofyou

    Yeti RIS "vertical" tonight - pairings?

    Tonight I'm having a few friends over to do a sort of Great Divide Yeti RIS vertical. We'll be having: Yeti RIS 2008 Yeti Chocolate Oak-aged 2010 Yeti Espresso Oak-aged 2010 Yeti Belgian 2011 I'd like to have a couple of simple snacks to go along with this, but most of what I'm coming...
  8. whatsleftofyou

    Pre-Prohibition Upper Peninsula MI bottles

    I picked up a bunch of bottles from a local guy recently that are all from breweries that closed at Prohibition (to my knowledge). Part of the theme of my basement bar is going to be old local breweries, so I was really excited to get these. The guy sold me all of these for $100, which I...
  9. whatsleftofyou

    Double and Triple Batching

    Does anybody else exclusively do double and triple batch brew days? Since I've started double batching I've done a few single-batch days and it seems very time inefficient. Including setup and cleanup it takes me about 4 hours to do 1 batch, but about 6 hours to do 2 batches or 8 hours to do...
  10. whatsleftofyou

    UPtoberfest - Escanaba MI 10/8/11

    UPtoberfest is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's only beer and wine festival. The event is put on by my homebrew club, Bay de Noc Brewers, and 100% of the proceeds benefit The United Way of Delta County. We'll have over 50 beers/wines available for tasting as well as free snacks from...
  11. whatsleftofyou

    whatsleftofyou's Bar Build

    I know you guys hate bar build threads as much as I do, so here's another one for you. We bought this house last October and I've slowly been building up the cash/hardware/etc to get this thing going. DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what the hell I'm doing, no experience whatsoever, etc. On...
  12. whatsleftofyou

    Big Brew Day recipes

    Anyone know when these are typically released? The reason I ask is because we plan on covering one of the styles at our April homebrew club meeting, and I'd like to have the actual BBD beer brewed up if possible. I'm not sweating it because it's not the end of the world, just curious.
  13. whatsleftofyou

    What should I brew this weekend?

    I'm just kind of throwing this out there - I want to brew this weekend, but not sure what (other than that I don't want to do a stout with 3 in kegs already). I have 2-row/pils and almost any specialty malt you could want, and a whole bunch of American hops, plus Hallertau, EKG, and Fuggle...
  14. whatsleftofyou

    Cleaning out my picnic cooler made easy?

    One of my least favorite parts of the brew day BY FAR is getting the spent grain out of my 72 quart picnic cooler. I always spill at least a little and it's just a pain in general. After seeing a BIAB thread I had an idea - what if I lined the cooler with a large straining bag? I see that...
  15. whatsleftofyou

    Perlick faucets, compared?

    In a few months I'm going to start building a bar in the basement, complete with a built-in keezer (don't worry, there will be pics and another thread). I'm curious if anyone has any input as to if there are any advantages/disadvantages of the 425SS vs the 525SS and if the creamer function of...
  16. whatsleftofyou

    EPIC kegging haul!

    I had such a crazy haul yesterday that I just had to share. First I went and picked up a 10.6cu freezer for $199 after rebate as mentioned here. Also a week or so back my mom was telling me that her church had some Pepsi kegs that for some reason the distributor didn't want back and they had...
  17. whatsleftofyou

    MI Brewers Guild UP Fall Beer Fest

    Calling all Yoopers and travelers: Anyone else planning on hitting this up? Our homebrew club has chartered a bus up there and we'll be drinking some Oktoberfests on the way up.
  18. whatsleftofyou

    Does hop extract deteriorate?

    I never even thought about this until the other day when a co-worker brought it up to me. We all know that hops themselves lose alpha acids, etc but what about hop extract?
  19. whatsleftofyou

    A little logo help

    Here's something I started on a year or so ago. I have the rough idea down and want to keep the "line art" look, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to working with Illustrator. If someone could help me flesh this out a bit I'd be most appreciative. I'd also like to have an om in the...
  20. whatsleftofyou

    Does anyone else only take a pre-boil gravity?

    For probably my last 5 batches or so, I've only been taking a pre-boil gravity reading. As long as I'm not adding DME and hit my volume into the fermenter (which is the case 90% of the time) I don't see the point. I used to take both, but the numbers always came out, save MAYBE a point. Any...