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  1. Sidman

    sanitation in aftermath of lacto infection

    Hi All, I could definitely use some help here. After 130 batches I have finally run into an unintended infection. I believe it's lacto after doing some web surfing. This was a Irish red that sat for about three weeks in the fermenter. I tasted a sample from below the surface and the beer was...
  2. Sidman

    Optimal PID settings for Inkbird ipb 16

    I have changed out a couple of elements since I first got this controller. I started using an element from brew hardware but ended up burning that one up. Then I started using a store bought 240 4500 w element but found I got a lot of scorching. I finally replaced my rims element with another...
  3. Sidman

    Still top lid for boil kettle

    I have seen some still top lids that work for robo brew type equipment. Anyone seen a still top lid that would work for 15 or 20 gallon boil kettles?
  4. Sidman

    cheap Hopper Upgrade for Cereal Killer mill

    I have been doing 10 gallon batches and using somewhere in the 22 to 25lb grain bills. While I enjoy my cereal killer mill, it gets to be a pita to continually stop and feed more grain. In doing another project I ended up purchasing (5) 4.25 gallon HDPE containers. In this case it looks like...
  5. Sidman

    Looking for suggestions on gas routing with new rims

    Just got an awesome new rims set up and trying to incorporate it into my single tier brew stand. I have a brass line for my gas that is directly below the end of the burners that unfortunately would be in the way of where I want to mount it. So I see three options, two of which I am not sure...
  6. Sidman

    Hunt for a better 1/2" bulkhead plug

    I seem to be able to find some better looking plug covers for the smaller thermometer style holes like the pics below but all of the larger bulkhead covers seem to be just ugly hex head style. Anyone seen a more stylish plug?
  7. Sidman

    Sweet stout - Stalled or user error?

    Hello all, Could really use your help. I wanted to try the 2016 Homebrew con winning Girl Scout Sweet stout for relatives this holiday. I followed the recipe and my FG has now settled at approx 1.026. The recipe calls for 1.018 so I thought maybe it's stalled. I checked back at Beersmith and...
  8. Sidman

    Texas Peltier Cooling set up for Conical

    I have a 12.5 Gallon Conical and the previous owner had created a peltier cooling set up for it. I have a fridge for it and do not need this. The parts alone are worth about $100 and then you need a power supply, temp controller and to do all the wirring. I'll sell for $60 + shipping for...
  9. Sidman

    Water filter upgrade - Can I add on an RO membrane?

    Could use some recommendations on upgrading my filter. I currently have a 3 stage filter - pic attached - that has a 5 micron sediment, 5 micron granular carbon and 5 micron carbon block filter. I sent in a water test and found I still have high sodium levels so I was thinking about adding on...
  10. Sidman

    Stout conical fermenter 12.5 G - Easy upgrade

    Had a Homer Simpson DOH moment the other day. I was considering upgrading to a newer conical with a wider dump port as I have had trouble with yeast dumps. I usually have to use co2 and do some burst pressurizing to get the yeast to dump when it's been sitting for a while. As I was cleaning...
  11. Sidman

    Water report just in - Could these levels cause taste issues?

    Just got my wards labs results back and plugged them in to Bru'n Water and I noticed some red flags in many of the water profiles. I have a three stage filter that i ran the water through to send in for the test and the report came back with ph 8.5 TDS 128 Total alkalinity 61 Total...
  12. Sidman

    Reusing yeast - wash or no wash?

    So I am just finishing packaging a cream ale and want to do another. I prepared a starter with 3 yeast packs wlp 80 (two were close to exp and another was expired) for the first 10 Gallon batch. This time I remembered to cool the batch and dump the trub prior to pitching. I hit the wort with...
  13. Sidman

    guesstimating flow rate when recirculating using sight gauge?

    I have been doing some pretty big 10 gallon batches lately and notice that when pumping and recirculating I was getting "stuck" like sparges. I use Blichmann G2 15 Gal mash tun and realized I was at the top of capacity for considering my grain bill and grist to liquor ratio. I picked up on...
  14. Sidman

    Mobile beer canning?

    Anyone had any experience with this? We have a family event where we are going tubing down the river and glass is not allowed. Looking for something in the Houston area but I am worried that my small amount (prob 20 gallons) wouldn't be worth it for some of these mobile canners. Any help...
  15. Sidman

    Best advise for starter / yeast pack combo

    I am making an Imperial Irish Ale 10 Gal @1.079 OG. I only have a 2 l flask so I made up a 2 l - starter with 1 pack of pure pitch wlp004. I put in some fermcap. This will be on a stir plate. I have two additional packs of wlp004 that I was going to add in when it came time to ferment the...
  16. Sidman

    wort oxygenation and dissolved oxygen - how critical is timing?

    I have been trying to use my blichman quick carb to do double duty as an inline O2. First attempt worked pretty good but I ran out of O2. Think I went a little heavy on the flow rate for my 10 gal batch. My question is how long does the oxygen stay dissolved? In this example I oxygenated on...
  17. Sidman

    tweaking my new system

    I got a new stand and BK and have been really trying to dial in on my last two brews. I found for one that I am boiling off at a much higher rate than before but I also feel like I have some other opportunities around water volume. So i took the time this last brew to measure and mark a volume...
  18. Sidman

    Uploading xml to finals site?

    any one had any luck with this? Their email indicated you could upload an xml file but all I get is individual drop down boxes to enter info in. Not too big of a deal but just a little bit of a PIA.
  19. Sidman

    Brewpi and Raspberry Pints integration

    Just got my Raspberry pints hooked up and running and now I am ready to tackle converting a 3 zone fermentation set up from stc's to Brewpi. Is it easier to go with a second pi or to add the arduino etc on to the existing? Thanks for any advice
  20. Sidman

    Off Flavor - Could it be lactic acid?

    I recently brewed a 10 Gallon all grain batch following the Cream of the Crop recipe. I used RO water and when entering the recipe into beersmith it recommended a 9.4ml lactic acid addition for the mash. I put in a little under 2 tablespoons to my mash water. I hit OG and FG just fine and the...