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  1. BGBC

    2021 Rhizomes

    What is everyone planting this year?
  2. BGBC

    Deer Creek Malthouse

    Anyone have any experience ordering from or brewing with Deer Creek Malthouse grains?
  3. BGBC

    Petite Farmhouse Recipe Critique (TYB)

    I'm looking to brew a tart/funky petite saison for the summer. Target OG: 1.036 Grain Bill: 40% Pils 40% MO 15% Wheat 5% Vienna Mash on the high end (155?) Yeast: TYB Farmhouse Sour TYB Beersel Brett Blend Hops: No hops in the boil Plan to dry hop prior to bottling (2-3 month primary) I'm...
  4. BGBC

    Southwest Colorado Recommendations

    Taking a trip to SW Colorado in a couple weeks and looking for any beer-related recommendations. Durango, Cortez, Telluride, Ouray, that area. I've pored over the brewery maps on Fermentedly Challenged already, so looking for personal recommendations. Bottle shops, beer bars, breweries, etc...
  5. BGBC

    ISO: Surly, FT: TX & East Coast

    Specifically looking for Coffee Bender and Bender. Also interested in their other cans or other area breweries as well, as long as it includes the Benders. I have Jester King and other Texas (Real Ale, Hops & Grain, etc) and East Coast beers (Six Point, Weyerbacher, Flying Fish, etc).
  6. BGBC

    2014 Winter Olympics

    I know I'm not the only one watching... Luge crash saved
  7. BGBC

    First Bottle Bomb

    I got a series of texts last night from my brew buddy saying he woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of a gun shot in his apartment...Our first bottle bomb :( Luckily no major damage or mess. This was a Belgian Wit that we brewed together in May. We usually bottle together, but...
  8. BGBC

    Pumpkin Saison Grain Bill Help

    I'm planning to brew a pumpkin saison soon and am looking for some thoughts on the grain bill. The percentages are just for the grain, by weight. I'll also be adding pumpkin to the boil, probably the equivalent of 3- or 4-15 oz cans of Libby's. 75% 2-row 9% Munich 4% Crystal 60L 4% Biscuit...
  9. BGBC

    WF Bowery - 20% off homebrew stock

    Just stopped in to the homebrew section of the WF Bowery beer store and noticed everything is 20% off. Asked the clerk and he said they're clearing out the homebrew section because they weren't moving enough inventory to make it worthwhile. They have some random Brewer's Best supplies...
  10. BGBC

    New vs Washed Yeast Attenuation

    I'm planning to brew a small batch of barleywine (target OG 1.105) in a few weeks and am trying to decide what yeast to use. I have some washed 1056 and am debating between using that or some new wlp001. The 1056 has been in the fridge for ~1 month and was used for 2 successful brews previously...
  11. BGBC

    Bo Ssam Pairing

    We're having some people over tomorrow night and will be cooking Bo Ssam (Momofuku-style, see here for recipe: Bo Ssam). Looking for some suggestions on beer pairing. I'll be pouring HB WH Honey Porter for anyone who's interested, but want to pick up some craft selections too. Was thinking IPA...
  12. BGBC

    Wing Capper

    Anyone have an extra wing capper they're not using?
  13. BGBC

    New Jersey Homebrew Shop Inventory

    Just saw this on craigslist in Middletown NJ. It sucks for this shop, but if anyone was thinking about opening their own shop, here's a whole shop's worth of product...
  14. BGBC

    First batch in primary

    Just brewed my first batch (partial-mash, IPA) 5 days ago with a friend and as of this morning the fermentation has slowed and things are starting to settle. Other than a few minor hiccups that can be ironed out in the next brew, everything got into the primary without issue. I checked this...