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  1. hout17

    First All Grain Brew a success!

    Hi All, I've been brewing extract for a few years and finally jumped in to all grain. I told myself I wouldn't go this route until I got a water report as I wanted to adjust water chemistry as well if I were going to do all grain. I brewed an Irish Red and made water chemistry adjustments...
  2. hout17

    Add campden to priming sugar water before bottling?

    Would this be something to consider if pulling the water from my tap to make up a priming solution for bottling? I use Campden tablets in my brewing water to get rid of the chlorine/chloramine.
  3. hout17

    Water Profile What do you think?

    Hi All, I've received my water profile from Ward Labs. The water report looks great to me actually and it seems like I'll be able to adjust my water to fit different profiles rather easily. What are your thoughts? I like stouts, IPA's, Kolsch's and Browns. I also have Beer Smith 3 and have the...