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  1. waskelton4

    East bound and down!!!

    Only, This time the Bandit decided to steal real beer! ws
  2. waskelton4

    Beer Related Professions.

    Ok crew.. Help a fellow beer lover out! I've gotten to a point in life where I MAY be ready for a change of career. (takes a lot to say that now that I realize it) I live in Mississippi and the beer laws and culture here are waaay behind the times. Aside from a Brewer or Resturant...
  3. waskelton4

    Keg Sale at B3

    FYI.. seemed like a good deal with free shipping for 4 reconditioned kegs.. $99 - shipped too bad i'm broke... ws
  4. waskelton4

    Fridge Disposal?

    Hey group. I have a small cheap mini fridge that I broke trying to convert to a kegerator.. How do i go about disposing of it? You can't just put it out with the garbage right? anyone want to come pick it up from me you can have it.. i'm in jackson, ms but you have to come soon...
  5. waskelton4

    Anyone have a Brewing Log page Template?

    Something I can use to create a binder with all my brew sheets in it? ws
  6. waskelton4

    Did I lose one of my Keg seals/gaskets?

    I cleaned my corny keg last night and when I was putting it back together i didn't see a small rubber seal to go on the gas in post... there is one still on the bev. out post but not the short little plastic gas in. do I have to have one or would a heavy dose of teflon tape do the job till...
  7. waskelton4

    cool idea.. cheaper option?

    I am about to take a trip to the beach this weekend.. I really like the idea behind this thingy.. any DIY's I might be able to pull off to accomplish the same thing? ws
  8. waskelton4

    Oxy Clean Alternative?

    Hey group, I have a corny that in need of a good cleaning. I went to the grocery store last week and the only oxiclean they had was a big tub for $7.50. The finances are kinda tight at the moment so I was wondering if there was another option (or at least a smaller size) for me...
  9. waskelton4

    Rant from Mississippi!!!

    Ok.. So now I am a subscriber to "Draft" and "Beer Advocate" magazines.. I have enjoyed reading them, especially the beer reviews in the back. [begin rant] the latest version of beer advocate had ZERO beers in the back that I can get here in Mississippi because our stinking state is in...
  10. waskelton4

    Beer Launching Fridge..

    The ultimate DIY... oh.. but you'll have to start canning your beer..
  11. waskelton4

    Cold storage box.. sweet!

    Found this link to some great DIY stuff and haven't seen the link on here before. lots of neat stuff here... ws
  12. waskelton4

    Advice on modifying a Stout Kit (partial mash)

    well.. at least i think it's partial mash.. that line seems kinda blurry to me. anyway.. I have a B3 Stout Kit (5 gal) that contains the following grain/extract 7lbs ultralight malt 1lb Crystal 40L 8oz Black Roasted 4oz Black Patent 4oz Chocolate Malt hops 1oz Northern Brewer...
  13. waskelton4

    Which Apple Juice?

    Just called the <strike>hippie</strike> organic food store here and they have two different types of apple juice in the gallon glass jugs. and
  14. waskelton4

    How important is an airlock really??

    Ok.. So i've got this plan to do a 5 gallon boil and split it up into maybe 6 different small fermentors and top each one off with various different steeped and mini mashed grain "teas" to get a good idea what each one tastes like on its own and what it contributes to a brew. I'm going to...
  15. waskelton4

    Tell me if this is a good idea....

    Ok.. so my brewing resume is pretty short.. 1 German Hefe 1 Nutbrown Ale 1 Porter All from kits. They did me pretty well but I'm more interested now in building my own recepies. Here is what i want to do. I was thinking about getting some 1 or 2 gallon jugs and also...
  16. waskelton4

    What to do next Re: Yeast

    Ok.. so here's the deal... I've done 3 brews so far. all above recommended ferm temp (at times) fluctuating between 78 - 65 The first was a German Hefe.. Second was a Nutbrown Ale with Safale-04 yeast ( Third was a porter that i...
  17. waskelton4

    How do I drink my beer??

    this is the beginner's forum right?? :) ok ok.. so i actually already know how to drink my beer.. but.. here is my issue I have a keg at room temp (about 70deg) that has had about 30 lbs of CO2 pressure on it for a couple of weeks. (it is a porter) I'd gotten a little ahead of...
  18. waskelton4

    First Label Ever..

    Ok.. So i really let the photographer do most of the work. ( but i really like it.. simple and sharp (if i do say so myself :) )
  19. waskelton4

    how leaky is too leaky..

    Ok.. i know.. no leaks at all .. but... I just racked my third brew into my keg. (first time to keg a brew) I've put pressure on it and set the regulator to around 30lbs (it's not cooled.. probalby around 70 deg) well... i can hear an ever so faint hiss coming from the top.. and i...
  20. waskelton4

    Batch size...

    What size batches do you brew most consistantly? round up or down.. I'm assuming that most folks brew in 5 gallon increments.. just curious.. thats all