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    No head

    Since Monday so this was day 4.
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    No head

    Brewed up my pumpkin ale kit and one week in primary, one week in secondary, then in the keg. I was gonna force @30 psi Left there for one day then decided I'd knock it down to 12 psi and leave it. I've tried it every day and its not getting any head on top when pouring. It gets a little cloudy...
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    What's in your fermenter(s)?

    First brew in months.. Midwest brewers pumpkin kit!
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    Controlling heat

    I'm currently using a turkey fryer burner for boiling but looking to go electric or even upgrade my propane cooking method. What is the best way to hit temperatures with propane? I'm having difficulties getting say 155 and maintaining for 30 minutes for steeping grains. Any input is greatly...
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    Pumpkin ale

    I brewed my pumpkin ale yesterday and as I finished up I realized I did not have an airlock. Not sure where I misplaced it but that's not the issue. Instead I pushed a piece of clear tubing through the hole in the lid of my fermenting bucket that I would normally put the air lock and placed the...
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    Corn recipes

    I've searched the database and aren't finding many corn recipes. We have a local corn festival and I was wanting to brew some corn beer. Any suggestions?
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    bubbling into airlock

    Just made some edworts apfelwein and it started fermenting last nite sometime. Got up this morning and it had bubbled into the airlock. It is still bubbling so should i wait and clean out the airlock later or just leave it. Or should i clean it out immediately. Any ways just another dumb a...
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    oak chips!

    Hey does anyone know the best place to get some oak chips. I'm planning a red ale and i want to soak some chips in bourbon. Are the oak chips the same chips used for grilling etc. Also when is the best time to add them for flavor, primary, secondary????? Thanks, Ben:mug:
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    Anyone know any good bourbon ale recipes

    So i'm wanting to try some kind of a bourbon ale. I love bourbon and i love beer and i've just recently heard of a bourbon barrell porter. Does anyone have or seen a good recipe for a bourbon ale i can make. I've only done extract kits so i'm wondering if this might be my break into all grain...
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    apfelwein question

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    apfelwein question

    I'm wanting to make my first batch of apfelwein and was wondering one question. One ingredient is corn sugar (dextrose sugar) can i get that at walmart or a grocery or will i have to order it from a brew store.
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    storing keg

    ok so i'm ready to transfer from primary to keg. its okay if i do this and then set the keg in a refrigerator out of the way not hooked up to co2. i'm guessing its cool but don't want to do anything to stupid.
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    Oktoberfest 2008

    Oh my you are going to have a kick ass time. Drink a liter for me:mug: If you think there is going to be rain for a day or two that would be the best time to do brewery tours. Oktoberfest is insane in all the tents when rain comes... On nice days though its usually not to bad to find spot to...
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    wheat beer fermentation ?'s

    So on saturday i started my 2nd brew kit an american wheat beer and boiled 5 oranges peel zests the last 15 minutes of the boil. It smelled delicious. So my questions for you are about the fermentation. How long would you leave it in the primary and also would you put it in a secondary and if so...
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    fruit adding advice

    so i have a american wheat beer kit and have a recipe that adds orange and lemon zest the last 15 minutes of the boil. I'm only wanting to add orange and was also wanting to check on something else. so zest is different from just peeling the oranges and putting them in the bag to boil right...
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    what parts will i need?

    So i went ahead and ordered a cornelius keg. I already have a co2 tank and regulator that is in my current kegerator. I'm wanting to turn a cooler into a kegerator for going to parties and such events. Since i already have a co2 tank and regulator what else besides tubing and a faucet will i...
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    No question but I made beer

    Wow so its 3:45 and i just got in from work and popped open a bottle of my first batch of brew. Its been bottled since last Wednesday (week and a day) but to my suprise it actually taste like beer, looks like beer, and has beer characteristics. Its a Continental Light Ale (True Brew Kit) It is a...
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    fruit in a kit beer

    how much zest should be added and also how long before the end of the boil. Also would you pour it into the primary or would you strain it out? Thanks
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    fruit in a kit beer

    So i ordered a american wheat beer kit and was wondering if anyone has ever added real fruit to a kit. I'm planning on adding oranges into the brew sometime. Should it be during the boil or during fermentation. Do i just put some zest in from the peel or do i actually put junks of the oranges...