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  1. matridium

    White claw.. Is it really that good or marketing hype?

    The title says it all. I've never drank it, but I read an article last night that the company is clean out of the drink and can't keep up. Also its more popular than American IPA and apparently some how even guys drink it in public, so it's not a "girls" drink (whatever that's supposed to...
  2. matridium

    Storing, and Organizing brewing and kegging parts/equipment

    I'm getting back into brewing after a many year hiatus. In the last year I've downsized from all grain, and 5 gallon brewing to partial mash BIAB 2.5 gallon batches. I'm focused more on quality, science, expermentation, microscopy and quality control over quantity. I've been going back and...
  3. matridium

    Dry hopping and the 5 to 7 day rule

    Who invented this 5 to 7 day rule for dry hopping? I know that we add hops into a secondary after primary fermentation has ceased, for a few days. And some even do the addition at the very end of primary directly into the primary fermenter. But who set these rules like 5 - 7 days? What if you...
  4. matridium

    Fermentrack Sharing fermentation profiles

    Has anyone started a thread or a place that fermentation profiles can be uploaded and downloaded for sharing? I would like to see what others are doing for various styles, Belgians, and IPA's. I wish the import function on Fermentrack pointed to a database of profiles uploaded by other home...