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    Best source for root beer extracts

    Hi, im looking for source recommendations for root beer extracts. I have found tons of them online, but im wondering if there is a golden standard or some well liked ones out there. Thanks for any help.
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    Does pitching yeast in rootbeer make alcohol?

    Im wondering if using an ale yeast to carb a root beer will create an alcohol content. It seems to me like it would have to, am I wrong? I want a 100% alcohol free soda, so would force carbing be the only way to acheive that? Thanks for any help.
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    My first batch of Ed Worts Apfelwein!

    So today my new 14 gallon fermenter arrived, so I figured what better way to break it in than with a 10 gallon batch of Apfelwein! I've never brewed before or made this, this is my first run. It looks like my beginning gravity it 1.065, so hopefully this batch turns out awesome. I plan to...