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    Micromatic line cleaner (sanke) $50+ship

    Brand new - never opened. $50 plus shipping
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    Exchilerator Triclover $140 shipped

    Great counterflow chiller - no issues at all. I used a dozen or so times. I sourced a hydra immersion for cheap and now I no longer use. I did a thorough deep clean before storage. Paid $225 Sell $140 including shipping to CONUS
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    SOLD - Tickets to GABF Friday Session

    I purchased for a group - three backed out. Only looking to get back what I paid inclusive of fees. Paypal only - I can transfer via the AXS app after payment. Also posted on Stubhub for $90 each (fees)
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    NIB Grainfather Connect $700 free ship

    I have a new in box - Grainfather connect. $700 shipped to your door (continental US only) via USPS.
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    Help me choose 240v brewery controller - No DIY

    I have zero electrical skills so DIY is out of the questions. I am shopping for a 240v off the shelf plug-n-play controller for my single element with 120v pump control. I do have a 30A 240v GFCI breaker with 14-30R plug already installed in my brew area. In searching for options I started...
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    Help w/ eBIAB Kettle Design

    I need some advise from you the pros. I am in the midst of designing a new eBIAB brewing platform. Spike 15gal brew kettle - 90% of time it will be full volume mash for 5gal batch w/ recirculation. Occasionally I will do a 10gal batch and sparge. All 1.5" triclover ports. Brew Boss...
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    Chronic Stuck Fermentation --- Buy a new hydrometer

    I, like many here, have battled "stuck fermentations" over the course of many batches recently. Thanks to HBT I know all the major "causes" - mash temp, use of unfermentables like crystal, underpitching, etc. And all of the major "answers" - rouse yeast, raise temp, add more yeast, add enzyme...
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    Back to Back Stuck Fermentations - What am I doing wrong?!?

    Equipment: Grainfather Fermentation mini-fridge with inkbird Speidel fermentor Temp Correction - refractometer I am on my second AG batch. The first batch had stuck fermentation and my second does too:mad::mad::mad: PLEASE HELP!!!! Batch 1: 5.75 gal into fermentor OG 1.065 Expected FG...