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    Joe's quik grape pyment

    Is this recipe sweet or dryer? I love his JAOM!!!
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    anyone juice ginger root to put in their mead?

    Has anyone juiced the ginger root and and it to there mead? Different results at all?
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    Skeeter Pee bottling

    What is the most popular way to bottle Skeeter Pee? Cork or Crown Cap?
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    Edworts Apfelwein to this....

    I was planning on making a three gallon batch of Edworts Apfelwein but ended up making this cyser instead at the last minute. 2 gallons Motts Apple Juice 1/2 gallon real sour cherry juice 9 pounds clover honey 2 packs champange yeast. Red star. Starting gravity was a whopping 1.70. It is...
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    need a one gallon Cyser recipe.

    How much honey and what yeast should I use for a sweeter still Cyser? For 1 gallon
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    RootBeer Float Mead

    Been pondering how I could make a RootBeer Float mead. What do you all think about this? 1 gallon Batch: 2 pounds WildFlower Honey 2 Pounds Lactose Sugar Top off with Water. Add Yeast (not sure what kind yet) Want some sweetness left. Keep in primary until yeast is done and clear...
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    Looking for a Southern Tier "Pumpking" Clone

    Anyone have a good clone recipe for this?
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    Question on Corks for 375ml Icewine bottkles

    I have a ton of premium grade corks for when i bottle 750 ml bottles. Will these corks work for 375ml Icewine bottles and the smaller 375ml Wine bottles? Please let me know I would like to bottle my Preach Icewine today. thanks for the help
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    Need Help... fermentation blew off my bubbler.

    I woke up this morning to see that my Velvet Rooster extract kit had a blowout. I have it in a 6 gallon glass carboy. temp is at 68-70 degrees. I cleaned the bess up and carefully cleaned aroud the top of the carboy and placed a blowoff tube in place of the bubbler. Will this be ok or...
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    Whats your favorite Summer Session Beer kit ?

    What are your favorite goto Session beer kits for the summer?
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    Northern Brewer - Dry Dock Urca Vanilla Porter Pro Series

    Has anyone made tis Partial Mash kit yet? WHat is your review on it? I will be making this next weekend.
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    What Burner has the highest BTU output

    I am looking to buy a new Burner and want to know what is the best burner on the market with the highest BTU out there. Nothing like a super fast boil!!! Any help would be appreciated.
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    What would cause this?

    I made a Triple Berry Melomel. It has been in the bottle for roughly 5 months. I poured a glass of it tonight and there seems to be a very light soapy, sudsy ring aroun the glass. It isnt carbonated at all. WHat waould cause this?
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    Does Skeeter Pee Taste great?

    THinking about making a 5 gallon batch. Is it worth doing?
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    JAOM 5 gallon recipe

    Had anyone made a 5 gallon batch of JOAM>? if so does the finished 5 gallon batch taste as good as the 1 gallon recipe? Could someone please give me the 5 gallon recipe? How many people love this easy mead?
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    Show us your Mead in a photo!!!

    I would love to see a photo of all the different meads out there. Show the photo and a quick description of what it is. Cant wait to see all the photos!!!!!!!!!
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    Mead with Coconut Powder?

    Has anyone ever tried making mead with a Coconut Powder? I found it in the Indian (Ethnic) section at my grocery store. Would this work in a Mead?
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    what is the best way to strain the fruit from the primary to the secondary?

    what is the best way to strain the fruit from the primary to the secondary? I should have used a grain bag but was in a hurry and did not. any suggestions? it is a triple berry Melomel. 15 pounds of fruit.