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    Hop schedule suggestions

    I have the following hops that I'm going to use to make an IPA: 1 oz US Magnum (60 min bittering) 1 oz Nelson Sauvin (dry hop) 2 oz Australian Galaxy (1 oz for dry hop) 2 oz Australian Stella (1 oz for dry hop) I'm trying to decide when I want to add the remaining oz of Galaxy and...
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    Dry yeast with liquid yeast

    Has anyone ever used a packet of dry yeast and a vial of liquid yeast in the same beer to get an appropriate number of yeast cells instead of making a starter?
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    DFH 90 min clone vs. DFH 90 min

    Has anyone brewed the 90 min clone from BYO and then compared it side by side with an actual 90 min? If so, any changes you would make?
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    Rye in a Barleywine?

    Has anyone ever used a large amount of rye in a barleywine, say in the 40-50% of the grain bill range? How did it turn out?
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    How long for dry hopping?

    How long is too long for dry hopping? Does it vary by hop variety? 2 weeks seems to be about the general consensus for dry hopping that I've found on the interwebs but has anyone gone longer than that? And if so, could you tell a difference in the beer compared to a shorter time?