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    Keg Dry Hop - Adding Hops Days Before Transfer?

    Right now I use fermentation CO2 to purge my Star San filled serving keg which allows me to do low oxygen transfers. Currently when I dry hop, I do it loose in primary and when I transfer from primary to keg I use an inline filter to catch the large hop particles. Everything so far has been...
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    Hoppy American Wheat Guidance

    Hi All, I am working on a recipe for a Hoppy American Wheat ale. I know the BJCP guidelines top out around 0.63 BU/GU, but I’m shooting for more of an IPA vibe to this one. My question is regarding my hop schedule. First, the malt bill is 44% Pilsner, 44% red wheat, 8% Munich, and some rice...
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    Does Sunlight Affect Wort?

    I know that sunlight/UV is a big no-no for beer, but is it also bad for wort? I was brewing the other day in direct sunlight and thought about the possible effects it could have. So, is sunlight bad for wort, or am I alright to keep brewin’ in the warm winter sun?
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    Help Figuring Out Home Water Profile?

    I reached out to my city water department to see if they had any information on the mineral content of my home water. While I don't think I can use any of the information they provided, I have attached the city water report and a recent test they ran on my house's water. Could you help me...
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    IPA That's Gotten Better With Age?

    I brewed a Black IPA in early November that has been in the keg now for 42 days. I brewed this using Omega's HotHead Kveik yeast at 92F. I prepared a yeast starter, but I did not pitch nutrients into the wort (OG of 1.070). The beer was smelling good at first, but about midway through...
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    Moving Kegs After Fining?

    I have read that once you add a fining agent to a keg it should not be moved. Unfortunately, my setup does not allow me to not move the kegs around. Part of me would love to fine my beers, but I am not sure if it would be beneficial since I have to move them around a few times before they kick...
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    Warm Conditioning A Lager

    I am planning to brew my first lager, a maibock, soon. I will be brewing this with a true lager yeast, not a pseudo-lager fermentation. I have temperature control and will be kegging this beer, but unfortunately I do not have the space to keep the beer refrigerated while conditioning/lagering...
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    Will Star-San Go Bad Sitting Open?

    I am using CO2 from fermentation to purge a Star-San filled keg and I am wondering if the CO2 solution will still be good in a few weeks after sitting open or not. I’d love to not have to mix up a batch every brew if I can help it.
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    Fermenting and Closed Transfer to Keg

    I am trying to build a basic setup for closed transfers to my kegs. Right now I am thinking I can use a gas line as a blow off to the gas in on my keg. I should have more than enough headroom to avoid actual blow-off, so it should just be CO2. The keg would be full of sanitizer, and using the...
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    Switching 4-way Manifold Input

    I purchased a 4-way manifold that currently has the input on the right side, and I would like to switch it to the left. It looks like the barb and end-cap are able to be unscrewed, but they are on there TIGHT. I just want to make sure it is possible before I throw it in my vice and put more...
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    First Time Kegging - CO2 Constantly Running

    I am trying to carbonate some water and am hearing the tank continuously running. When I take the gas valve off the keg it stops, but I cannot see or hear any leaks in the keg. Is this normal since it is starting to absorb CO2 or is this a sign of a leak? EDIT: This is a used keg with the...
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    Tennessee Nashville CO2 Fills

    Does anyone have a recommendation on places to buy/fill CO2 tanks? I live near Franklin, TN and called a spot in Columbia that quoted $25 fill/$130 new for a 5# tank. That seemed steep to me, so I wanted to check if there are other recommended spots.
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    Help Setting Up Kegerator - CO2 Regulators and Manifolds

    Hello All, I recently bought a Kegco Fridge off Craigslist and am slowly building a kegging setup. I brew 2.5 gallon batches and based on my measurements I will be able to fit three 3 gallon kegs and one 5 gallon keg in the fridge (keeping CO2 outside). The plan is to have the 5 gallon keg with...
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    Adjusting Hops When Scaling Down Recipe?

    Hi all, I brew 2.5 gallon batches with my Anvil Foundry 6.5 and I bottle my beers (moving to kegging shortly). I have read a few articles/sections in books that mention small batch brewing can sometimes need more hops than would normally be calculated when scaling down a recipe due to...