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    Tri Clover Compatible Strainer/Filter - Original Design

    Purchased this a while back and just never used it. The person who I bought it from used it only a couple times and mentioned it works good as new. I believe the new design is shown at this link...
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    Marks keg bottle washer

    Brand new - opened but never used. Retails for $70 Asking $45 obo + $15 shipping (from 45069). Local pickup available
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    4000mL Pyrex Erlenmeyer flask brand new lab grade

    4000mL Erlenmeyer flask perfect for stir plates and yeast starters. I bought two of these and never ended up using the second. It works great! Asking $50 or best offer +$20 shipping (estimated - will credit if it’s less) or in Cincinnati for local pickup (45069)
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    Co2/Regulator issue after 4

    I've had my kegerator 4 years now, bought even before I was brewing, and I've used the same regulator and co2 tank without fail the whole time until now. I've googled for hours and I can't seem to find what's wrong. Almost everything I've been able to find has been new kegerator owners that...
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    Iso: Kbs 2017

    Looking for someone near Founders that would be interested in picking up tickets for KBS. Hoping for as much of the allotment as possible FT: Cincinnati beers :-)
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    ISO: Pliny the Elder

    Would love to get my hands on a few Pliny the Elder bottles (and any other Russian River beers honestly if possible). I can get a pretty good range of midwest beers to trade or would be happy to pay straight up. Depending on what you're looking for, I'm sure I could get some interesting beers on...
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    Pawpaw - cincinnati area

    I know that Jackie O's makes the Pawpaw wheat, and pawpaws are really big in Athens...but I want to score some to try to add to some homebrew, and I'm not sure where to look in Cincinnati. Anyone have any luck knowing where to find them?
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    Advice on home grown hops

    A friend of mine just texted me and said something along the lines of "Hey I'm visiting my sister and they have some hops growing on their land, but they're not using them. Do you want any?" To which I said absolutely yes, grab as much as you possibly can! But then I asked what kind of hop...
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    Fermenting too hot

    So I have a Firestone walker 805 clone I brewed once that was really tasty but definitely not a clone (attenuated higher and resulted in a drier beer). Based on the success I wanted to try it again. I've been brewing about 9 months now and noticed that my best beers came in the colder winter...
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    Need a Cincinnati homebrew entry for AHA

    I was hopeful of entering 4 beers into this year's AHA championship but it looks like I'll only have 3 that are ready. I've already paid for all 4 and need to ship this week (to STL). If anyone wants to enter a beer but didn't sign up, I'd be happy to include yours and give you the feedback...
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    Blowoff tube mistake - how bad?

    So I decided to use a blowoff tube for the first time, and me being the rookie that I am, I didn't do enough research. I focused primarily on getting the hose attached properly to the fermentor/airlock, and I didn't even consider the fact that the hoses need to be submerged in water or...
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    Storage build

    So I started homebrewing about 5 months ago and just kept buying more stuff with each new batch. Eventually there was literally nowhere for it all to go. So I convinced the wife that we should turn the basement into a brewery! I'm not sure if I can actually get ventilation to be able to truly...