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  1. J

    New Zealand Pils

    I'm planning on brewing up a NZ Pilsner tomorrow and I'm trying to decide on which hops to use. I'm going to be using 100% Weyerman Pils malt, starting with RO water and adjusting similarly to a German Pils. I'm thinking Pacific Jade for bittering, and I have Rakay, Nelson Sauvin and Motueka as...
  2. J

    Closed Racking onto Hop Tube

    This weekend I'm planning to rack my Mosaic Promise clone to keg. I'm going to be dry hopping with one of the 400 micron hop tubes, and have a few questions. I'd like to purge the receiving keg, but I'm not sure how I would do that with the hop tube. The best way to purge that I know of is to...
  3. J

    Birthday Brew Suggestions

    I want to brew something nice for myself on my birthday, something that will age well and I can drink with family and friends on future birthdays. I'm seriously considering a Belgian Tripel or Quad, but I'm curious about how well these stand up to extended aging like I'm considering, if the Quad...
  4. J

    Bottle cap seals

    Okay, so about a month ago i bottled a batch of graff and something didn't go as I had planned. It was a five gallon batch, 1 gallon of which i had racked off and spiced. I bottled the majority of the Un spiced graff in swing tops and the rest with crown caps and all of the spiced with crowns...
  5. J

    Temp Control in SE Texas

    I'm looking at different ways to control fermentation temperatures and the most cost effective way I've seen is with a water bath/swamp cooler. My question is, has anyone had results with evaporative cooling in the gulf coast area? I'm thinking it's too humid here for this type of cooler to...
  6. J

    Temp control in SE Texas

    I've been looking at several different methods to control fermentation temperatures and keep coming across the swamp cooler. Has anyone had any success with evaluative cooling systems in high humidity areas? I'm wanting to start a pale ale and/or a graf soon but both of these need to be at...