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    50 lb Sack of Briess 2 Row $49.99 with free shipping

    High Gravity Fermentations has free shipping on brewing ingredients including sacks of malt right now. They have what looks to be a great selection that all ship for free.
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    Castle Belgian Pale Ale Malt 55 lbs for $29.99

    Williams Brewing has a winter clearance sale on now which among other things includes 55 lb sacks of Belgian Pale Ale Malt for $29.99. Shipping costs may make this less attractive, but if you in the Bay Area you can pick up. Product page says price is good through 1/23...
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    1 pound Hop Sampler for $8 at AIH

    Adventures in Homebrewing is offering their Wunder Hops 1 pound of hops sampler pack for $8 plus shipping. This is normally $29.00. You get 8 two ounce packages of various hops which may include any of the following: Mosaic (HBC 369) Hop Pellets Simcoe Hop Pellets Ahtanum Hop Pellets Azacca Hop...
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    Adventures in Homebrewing Clearance - Fermenters, Kegs, etc.

    Just took a look at the clearance section and there are some great deals Genesis Fermenter $9.99 kegs”loose handle” ball lock $20.79...
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    60lb Vittle Vault for Grain Storage - $20.96 Free Shipping I just started milling my own grain and came across this for grain storage. There is an additional coupon you can check to apply on the product page. Free shipping with Prime, I ordered yesterday and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow.
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    Robobrew V3.1 Refurbs $285 in SF Bay Area

    Saw this on Craigslist today:
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    Two new Corney Kegs for $86 shipped

    Looks like a new ebay seller without much feedback, but what a deal. I had ordered a 7.5 gallon Anvil Brewbucket from them last week, should be delivered Wednesday.