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    Need help with corner bar build.

    I am building a house and my wife has allotted me a small space for my taps inside the house. My plan is to run a pipe through the wall and have a chest freezer in the garage with my kegs. I am looking for any input my homebrewing brothers might have. The door to the right will open towards the...
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    What we did today.

    Post where you exercised your home brew might today. For me it was cows and beer on the farm in Texas.
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    Nitro question.

    I kegged my porter about 2 weeks ago. I put it in my keg orator under 30 psi of beer gas. After a week it was still pouring flat. I gave it another week and it is still not purring the creamy head. I put co2 on it for 2 days at like 20 psi with no improvement. Any ideas? I am still new to the...
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    Homebrew Win

    Found this on the internet today haha. (The glass says Homebrew on it)
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    Bottled my pumpkin ale last night.

    Made from northern brewers smashing pumpkin kit plus some baked bumpkin and a bottle of blackstrap. I baked half the blackstrap with the pumpkin and put the other half in at flameout. Tasted good going into the bottles. Can't wait for Halloween!
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    Are these hop plants?

    My wife says its bine weed. I planted wilamette hops in this area mid summer. Any help would be appreciated.
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    The best thing about making pumpkin beer....

    Fresh roasted pumpkin seeds! It's slap yo momma good!
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    Mr Blowoff

    I had an idea to make an airlock that was clog proof. I get paranoid I am not cleaning my blowoff tubes well enough and wanted something I could scrub well inside and out. I really enjoy all of the discussion on this forum and read it daily. I would be interested in what you guys think. Cheers!
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    2 weeks of keezer suffering in pictures

    Guys, I wanted to take a moment to post my keezer pics. This would not have had a remote chance of happening if it were not for the resources I bound on this forum. I really enjoyed watching everyone build theirs. I think I have proven you can build anything if you have enough plywood, drywall...