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    What' s up with the Garth Brooks microphone? He can' t just use a regular mike?
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    WICKED score...

    No problem. I am only using a 6 inch piece, and it works great. Plus I don' t hit when I stir up my mash.
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    If they are from your backyard I wouldn' t use them for bittering because you won' t know the IBU. Maybe buy a couple ounces from the HBS. Use your homegrown for the end.
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    WICKED score...

    Good call. Free is always the best price! The parts should work just the same. Don' t worry about it. I use a rectangular cooler also and like it a lot. I suggest a braid instead of a manifold. I got much better effeciency.
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    My hops'll beat up your hops!!

    LOL! Back when I smoked the hops cousin we used to use a lighter to show how big a bud was.:D
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    Show us your Kegerator

    Looks nice Bugeater. I really like the labels on the top, and the brewery logo looks awseome.:mug:
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    Olympic Weightlifting Mishap!

    Holy S*** my elbow hurts just thinking about it.
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    Real Ale Brewing Company (Blanco, TX)

    They had a keg of their devils backbone belgian style triple at the pizza place I go to that has a good beer selection. I really liked it. Had a good estery belgian yeast profile. Not to mention the waitress hooked me up with a 22oz for the price of a 12oz. I was a little warm after that.
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    Dry yeast Vs Liquid

    I just brewed a saison with T58 dry yeast. It has that spicy phenolic smell to it so we will see how it goes. I live in an apartment so my yeast would sit in the hot office if I ordered liquid.
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    Biggest beer

    I just bottled a 1.072 Saison that finished at 1.010. 8.21% according to Promash. I only ended up with about 3.5 gallons in the fermenter, so it only took one rehydrated pack of T-58 dry yeast and was going after 3 hours. I let it ferment at about 80 though. I was wanting to try out this yeast...
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    Animal lovers will really like this video...

    Is it just me or does the guy with long hair look like James May from Topgear
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    We're preggos!

    Congratulations! My first just turned 6 months. It' s really not as hard as everybody makes it sound. Just be ready for horrible formula burps.
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    Number Two came early

    Congratulations!! Nice to have it all over with.
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    My first label for my first all grain

    Chuck Norris tears cure cancer! Too bad he never cried.
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    Anyone else love The Brewing Network?

    I listen to all the shows (yes, even the other one) It has replaced regular radio in my truck on the way to work. I even listen to The Session at work. My coworkers at least know about the hop shortage now. It has definatly changed my brewing for the better. Along with this place!:mug:
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    Post Your Favorite Podcasts

    + 1 for the BN. I never listen to the radio on the way to work anymore. Plus my brewing has improved alot. I even listen to that other show (lunchmeet) those dudes are fing hilarious.
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    Has anybody ever brewed the "This Bud's for you" kit from midwestsupplies?

    Zombie Urine Both laws in one post. Woo Hoo Why not try just making him a cream ale.
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    Kegs in Houston?

    Specs should have the best selection of good beers in kegs. Give them a call in advance so you can get what you want in.
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    which beer of the month clubs have you tried?

    I got signed up for one as a birthday present and have been dissapointed with the beers. One of the beers in the last shipment was bottled in green bottles and was superskunky, and the other beer that was supposed to be a wit was terrible! Yech!! I would suggest just ordering stuff from these...