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  1. zazbnf

    Using electric kettle on gas burner?

    Anyone have any experience using an electric kettle on a gas burner? At home my equipment is electric with a 1.5" tri clamp element. Thinking with a high temp gasket and a 1.5 cap I could use the kettle on a gas burner. looking for a solution to take my kettle with to brew at locations...
  2. zazbnf

    Iso: MOAS 14

    ISO: Mother of All Storms 2014 FT: Central Waters 18 Just need a 14 to complete a 10-15 vertical. If CW 18 doesn't interest you, I have lots of other beers to work with.
  3. zazbnf

    Goose Island Rare Day Tomorrow

    Anyone else going to the late session at Goose Island tomorrow?
  4. zazbnf

    ISO: Remy's Pappy FT: 2014 Framboos

    Title says it. ISO: Remy's Pappy any batch FT: 2014 Framboos 1:1
  5. zazbnf

    FT: PseudoSue ISO: Heady or Pliny

    Have 2 fresh bombers of PseudoSue delivered to the store direct from brewery on 11/6/14. Looking for Pliny or Heady.
  6. zazbnf

    ISO: Remy's Pappy or Churchill's Finest Hour FT: List

    ISO: Remy's Pappy or Churchill's Finest Hour FT:
  7. zazbnf

    FT: Westvleteren 12 ISO: List

    FT: Westvleteren 12 ISO: BCBCS Old Rasputin XV Surly Darkness Marshall Zhukov
  8. zazbnf

    ISO: Black Note FT: list

    ISO Black Note FT:
  9. zazbnf

    Must go places in San Antonio?

    I will be in San Antonio all of next week. Any must go places for good beer(Draft or packaged)?
  10. zazbnf

    Installing my free walk in cooler?

    So one of the guys in my Homebrew club gave me a walk in cooler today. He had it in a storage unit and needed to clear out the unit. I am trying to decide if I should mount this with the cooler door inside my brew house, or have the door outside with taps plumbed through the wall. To put the...
  11. zazbnf

    Illinois PICO style keggle false bottom w/supports

    I have a Stainless Steel PICO style keg kettle false bottom w/supports for sale. As seen here: Pico false bottom Asking $75 shipped to lower 48 or interesting trades. If you are local to the Macomb, IL area and want to pick up we can negotiate a discount for me not shipping. I used this 3...
  12. zazbnf

    12 Beers of Christmas

    I am looking for recipe suggestions for brewing 12 different beers in 12 days. I have been working on my 1 gallon electric brewery, and hope to have it finished/functional by Christmas. I am...
  13. zazbnf

    My Electric 1 Gallon Brewery Build.

    Was reading the 1 gallon brewers unite thread here on homebrew talk, and I really like the idea of making 1 Gallon test batches, but wanted to maintain the ability for the temperature control I have with my electric keggle brewery. I have decided to make a working scale model. I will be able to...
  14. zazbnf

    Filter vs shortwave UVC

    Anyone have any experience using shortwave UVC to stabilize fermentation? I have the ability to filter, however due to liquid loss in the filter, am considering UVC Sterilization to kill yeast for halting fermentation. I currently have a UVC light from another project, just not sure of the...
  15. zazbnf

    Stainless fittings

    All Items are gone 8 - 316 stainless 1/2 NPT to 1/2 Compression elbows. $10 ea + Shipping. SOLD 1 - 1/2 fpt to 1/2 compression elbow. $10 + shipping 2 sets - 3/8 npt to 3/8 npt stainless quick connects. Great for water line connection to chillers. $10 per set + shipping.
  16. zazbnf

    Rye Wine - any thoughts

    Working on a recipe for a Rye wine. Haven't done a lot of recipe design so any input would be appreciated. Put this together using beersmith. Thanks Rye wine Batch size 6.0 gals Estimated OG 1.119 Estimated Fg 1.020 Estimated IBU's 51.3 Estimated ABV 13.3% 14 lbs 2 row 5 lbs 4oz...
  17. zazbnf

    WTT or WTB portuguese floor corker

    Looking for portuguese floor corker to use corking Belgium Bottles. If you have one you would be willing to trade, let me know what you are looking for. If you have one for sale let me know how much.
  18. zazbnf

    Cherry cyser, how long in primary?

    This is my first time using honey or fruit for that matter, how long should I leave my cherry cyser in the primary? Since I used all juices instead of fruit can I just let it age in the primary or will this cause off flavors? 5lbs Honey 32oz Montmorency cherry concentrate 2 Gallons apple...
  19. zazbnf

    electric herms parts, 8 tap tower, misc ss fittings

    Due to recent upgrades and various accumulations, I have the following items for sale I am located just outside of Macomb, IL: 50 Liter(13.2Gal) keggle HLT with copper herms coil, sight glass, silver soldered 1"npt nut, and silver soldered fittings. Does not come with element or 1/4 npt...
  20. zazbnf

    Auber PID using TC with problem

    I have an Auber 4352 that was working fine, but just started giving an orAL error. It has a k type tc attached. I have tried a new k type probe with the same results. if I jumper the tc connectors, it reads 32 degrees instead of ambient temperature. Does this sound like a bad cold reference...