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  1. Christian

    Flavor differences in bottles

    This doesn't happen every time but i have noticed that sometimes my beers will taste different in a 12oz bottle then the exact same batch in a 22oz one. Typically it seems to be the bigger beers that tend to taste better and mature faster in a 12 then a 22. Yet the lower ABV ones taste better...
  2. Christian

    Drinking Old Beer

    A co-worker of mine heard i was a homebrewer and gave me a bunch of bottles that he had left over from his homebrewing days. He quit the looser. Well one of the bottles was full, he didn't even realize that it was. He says he has no idea what it is and guesses it is probably about 2 or 3 years...
  3. Christian

    Didn't think i would need a blowoff for Apfelwein

    I made a batch of apfelwein and kept checking on it and everything seemed fine. On the 2nd morning i go into my brewing closet and the juice is gushing out of the airlock and down the sides of the carboy. There was even a little yeast cake in the bottom of the airlock. I pulled the airlock off...
  4. Christian

    Drunk Brewing

    I have learned this lesson before but obviously it didn't sink in enough for me to not do it again. Having a brew or two is ok but drunk, :drunk: not so good. On Thursday night i brewed and what is normally just a few hour process for me took several hours, ingredients were all over the...
  5. Christian

    Adding DME at flame-out

    So i got a Rogue Brutal Bitter clone and i was reading the instructions it came with and it comes with 2 bags of DME 1 big and 1 small. It says to add the small one at the beginning of the boil....but then it says to wait and add the big one when you turn off the stove. I have never seen...
  6. Christian

    Cracked bottle

    I bottled an Imperial Stout last night. This morning I noticed that one of the bottles had a hairline crack on the inside of the bottle near the top (i think i may have pushed down to hard when capping). It is a small hairline crack and only on the inside of the bottle, it does not go all the...
  7. Christian

    Home grown hops

    Ok i need some help. I am fairly new to this (6 months) i have brewed and bottled only 10 batches and have only used pellet hops from my local homebrew store (The BeerNut). There i am able to know the exact type of hop and its percentages. But a guy i work with grows his own hops just as a hobby...