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  1. Elkoe

    Automated/closed system HERMS layout

    Hey Guys, I'm Elco, founder of BrewPi. Up until now BrewPi has only focused on controlling fermentation, but that's about to change. The very first step in this, is to build a HERMS myself. Until now I have been doing stove-top BIAB. I have had pretty good results with my very simple...
  2. Elkoe

    BrewPi released! A feature rich raspberry pi brewing controller!

    I just wanted to notifiy you guys that BrewPi has been released to the public. I am keeping this post short, because there is a lengthy blog post waiting for you to read. So head over to the blog and get involved...
  3. Elkoe

    Interest check for BrewPi, a Raspberry Pi fermentation controller/data logger

    Hi Brewers, My name is Elco Jacobs and you might know me from my previous project UberFridge. I am planning to start a community for a new open source fermentation controller that runs on the brand new Raspberry Pi. I will bootstrap the project by porting UberFridge to the Raspberry Pi...
  4. Elkoe

    Wyeast 3068 fermenting happily at 15C (59F), leave it?

    I switched to using a 3.5mm female jack plug in the lid of my fermentation bucket, for an airtight easy to connect sensor setup. Turns out these can't be trusted. Due to a flimsy connection, my sensor stopped working and the fridge cooled my beer from 18 to 14.5 degrees while I was asleep...
  5. Elkoe

    My latest DIY project: UberFridge (temp controller with web interface)

    Hi Guys, I would like to share my latest project: Uberfridge It is a temperature controller for my fridge, that runs on Arduino + a DD-WRT router. It has a web interface via WiFi, data logging and temperature profiles. See the video in the link for a quick overview.
  6. Elkoe

    UberFridge: fermentation temp controller with graphs, web interface and wifi

    Dupe thread, I cannot find how to remove it.